Global Warming The Environment and the Struggle to Save it

In my family, we have a tradition where one week a summer all of us get together and drive 4 hours down to Cape May, New Jersey. I have participated in this reunion since I was less than a year old. We stay for a week and live in houses directly next to the beach, and nearly never go inside. It is always looked forward to, and always dearly missed. I have some of my earliest memories of staying in that house over the summer. All my family lives near large bodies of water like compo beach and the Hudson river, so when we went to Cape May two summers ago and witnessed a little bit of rain to cause water to flood our street, I started to worry. My parents told me the if the storm had hit last year or before it probably wouldn't have flooded so badly which obviously confused me because I couldn't understand the relations. By the time I was 12 - after that vacation - I started to better understand the effect of global warming on our planet. In my 7th-grade science class, my teacher told me about the causes of global warming. I didn’t understand that driving cars and burning coal for fires could be flooding the oceans. The two didn’t connect for me until when in 8th grade I decided to do some research. I spent two days after school to find all of the answers to my questions.

How do driving cars affect the environment?

How could things like burning fossil fuels be flooding the oceans?

Why is earth's temperature rising?

Little did I know, these questions are all related. When people drive cars and use gasoline in general, it is greatly contributing to global warming. Lots of things are big contributors to global warming like deforestation and human/animal population, but the burning of fossil fuels is probably the biggest. When we dig into the ground to extract fossil fuels to make gasoline, we dig through all of the layers of rock, dirt, and byproduct from plant and animal life from the last couple hundred thousand years, which releases huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. The CO2 acts as a blanket to keep the sun's rays inside the Earth's atmosphere. There are many different solutions to global warming and flooding but they wouldn’t make a big enough impact to completely eliminate global flooding unless there was a global action.

When you google search the environment you find tons of articles about how bad global warming is and all of the bad effect of it, but you don’t find very many about people who try to make a difference about it. So why not? There have been lots of things done to make small actions against global warming, but there haven’t been enough people to really make a difference. In order for there to be a change, there has to be some sort of movement to start a change. Even if it’s something small like carpooling to school instead of having everyone get their own ride. In an article written by john uptown about how ocean warming is making ocean flooding worse, it talks about all of the different causes for ocean flooding and the causes leaving the worst impact. “The main cause of sea level rise from 2002 to 2014 is; The antarctic ice sheet melt: 0.26 mm/yr, Glacier melt: 0.38 mm/yr, Greenland ice sheet melt: 0.73, Expansion from ocean warming: 1.38 mm/yr.” (John Upton, ocean warming is making floods worse, study finds. January 25, 2016). Global warming and global flooding are completely intertwined. The minor causes of ocean flooding all relate to ice sheets, ice caps, or glaciers melting. The biggest reason for them all melting is global warming. So the only way to stop the flooding in to stop global warming or to stop the melting ice.

If I were in position to make a global law to stop global warming or global flooding from worsening I would probably make a law to cut down on co2 emissions. What that means in a person's life could be carpooling, using less paper, conserving water or eliminating other things that release excessive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The only way to restore all of the damage we have already done to this planet is to find a way to release all of the excess carbon in the atmosphere but until then all we can do is stop it, or slow it down.


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