5 things you should know about being a guitarist sam knopp

Being a guitarist is a lot more complicated than people think. You need to know theory, different techniques, stage costumes, and much more.

1. Theory: Any good guitarist is going to know basic theory. Theory is the study of the practices and possibilities of music. So arpeggios, timing, chords, musical terms. ect.

2. technique: This is one of the most important things you need to know about being a guitarist. If you do not know different techniques then you simply wont be able to play. There are rhythm techniques, lead techniques (solos), and more. If you have good technique you'll be a good player. Most guitarists who are really good come up with there own techniques, which sets those people aside from the rest.

3. performing: You must come up with stage acts that people will remember. They will tell their friends about it and get more people to know about you and/or your band. Make sure youre not nervous as you play, because you will shake and that will cause you to make mistakes, and no body likes to watch a bad performance.

4 stage costumes: When you are performing, its important to have a cool looking stage outfit. You want people to remember you and your performance, so make sure you have a unique outfit to wear. this is not as important as other aspects of being a guitarist, but it sure will make people remember you.

5: well being and mental state: While playing guitar, you must keep your finger nails clipped shirt, other wise you will not be able to play the notes as well as you could with clipped nails. Also, make sure that your arent sick if youre about to perform, and be sure to be prepared.


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