Community Safety News december 2019 EDITION

The Community Safety Newsletter aims to keep residents informed about what the Community Safety Partnership has been involved with in Chiltern and South Bucks districts in the last month.

Update from Jane Brown

Jane Brown is the Area Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator for the Ivers. Jane does a lot of work within the community and has provided us with an update on what she has recently been involved in.

Sunday 20th October - Ride Along with Thames Valley Police

I had an amazing experience with Thames Valley Police. I went out for the entire shift (3.00 - 11.00pm) with a unit from Team 2 at Amersham as a ‘Civilian Observer’. I attended immediate and follow up calls covering an area from Richings Park in the South to Great Missenden in the North of the Chiltern & South Bucks LPA. I was privileged to see how diligently & patiently officers process Domestic incidents. These officers work non stop, keeping us safe in very difficult times.

Saturday 30th November - Light Up The Ivers

During the Light up the Ivers event crime prevention advice was given and warnings about pickpockets. UV marker pens, 'No Cold Calling' sticker packs, and purse bells were very popular.

I have taken on two extra Community Safety projects; Community Speed Watch & Smartville. In the below picture I am explaining the projects to Dominic Grieve, former MP for Beaconsfield.

  • Speeding is a constant concern for South Bucks and is one of the Fatal 4.
  • Smartville is a residents funded CCTV initiative to deter & detect Crime. The aim is to gather the best evidence from ANPR, overview, residents own CCTV, video doorbell & dash cam footage with the objective to reduce crime in the Ivers.

Commuter Events

This month we were involved in a Winter Burglary Campaign with Thames Valley Police. The campaign was focusing on home security, crime reduction, looking out for neighbours and encouraging Neighbourhood Watch Schemes.

On Wednesday 4th & Wednesday 11th December we were at various train stations across Chiltern and South Bucks talking to local residents. We got on the trains to have a chat whilst people were on their way to work and we also stayed on the platform talking to those waiting for their trains.

Lots of advice was given to the public and we hope more residents will remember to leave a light on if they know they will be out for the day - especially over the Christmas period.

Have Your Say

To give residents the opportunity to raise any issues or concerns within their community the Chiltern and South Bucks Neighbourhood Policing Teams hold regular Have Your Say events. During December we joined the local Neighbourhood Team at the following Have Your Says:

  • Tuesday 3rd December Waitrose, Beaconsfield
  • Friday 6th December Sainsburys, Beaconsfield
PCSO Vijay Desai, Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Policing Team

Clear Car Campaign

On Friday 13th December we carried out a Clear Car Campaign with PCSO Paul Dobbin and PCSO Roy Fisher from the Denham and Gerrards Cross Neighbourhood Policing Team. We visited a variety of car parks within Denham, Gerrards Cross and also popped to Black Park Car Park.

We found quite a few valuable items left on full view for anyone to see. Items included: Handbags, rucksacks, laptop bags, a TV, wallets and much more. The owners of the vehicles will shortly be receiving a letter reminding them not to leave goods on show.

Don't tempt thieves - take your belongings with you.

Crime Reduction Event

On Wednesday 18th December we held a Crime Reduction Event at Smiths Garden Centre, Denham. Shoppers took away lots of informative leaflets and freebies including purse bells and chains to ensure bags are kept safe and secure at all times. A few timer switches were also handed out so our residents can keep their homes looking occupied whilst they are out.

Eve Chason, Community Safety Officer

Neighbourhood Watch

Are you interested in setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your road but don't know where to start? Contact us for more information Communitysafety@chilternandsouthbucks.gov.uk

Neighbourhood Watch is one of the biggest and most successful crime prevention initiatives which can cut crime, encourage neighbourliness and closer communities through active partnerships with the police & local council.

Christmas Crime Reduction Videos

Please do take a look at our useful Christmas crime reduction videos to ensure your home is protected during the festive period. Please do share far and wide.

If you would like more information and advice from the Community Safety Team please contact us at CommunitySafety@chilternandsouthbucks.gov.uk or on 01494 586535

South Bucks Community Forum

The Community Safety Team would like to wish all of our residents and partners a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Thank you for reading!

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