Masskara Festival by Farrah

If you like to dance your the one for the Masskara Festival

The History of Masskara

The Masskara Festival, is held at Bacolod,Philippines.It began in 1980 and this is what happened, there was a big ship full of people, traveling to another place in Philippines called Cebu,for a celebration.But then, the ship sank! many people lost their families, some researches say that 700 people died, but others say that 1,000 people had died.People were very gloomy. But to forget the sadness, the local Government and all the villagers made a festival named the Masskara Festival, and from now on every year they celebrated the Masskara Festival.

What visitors do in the festival?

There are lots of activities you can do in the Masskara festival. One thing you can do is watch men and women dance on the streets. When you see them dancing they will be wearing masks. The masks are made out of fancy feathers, beads and flowers. Another activity is the mask making contest. This is when you decorate the masks and make them really fancy. You can get prizes for best mask. The third activity is that there are a lot of big fancy costumes and sometimes you get a chance to wear them.

Where do they celebrate it?

The Masskara festival is celebrated in Bacolod in the Philippines. People celebrate it in the cities and on the streets of Bacolod.

Mabye when you go to Philippines one of the activities you can do is to go to the Masskara festival and have FUN!


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