Harper County By Chris Vrban

Harper county was first organized in 1873 but was decided fraudulent because there was no population. Harper county was named in the memory of Sgto Marian Harper, who died at Waldron. The current county clerk is Ruth Eliot and the current county sheriff is John P. Moore.

Some city's in this County are, Anthony with a population of 2,234, Harper with a population of 1,398, Attica with a population of 592, and Bluff with a population of 65.

Three VIPs in Harper county are Karl Garver, Cyle Horchem, and Ruth Garver. They performed spectacular aerial stunts. The group was successful until Ruth Garver fell to her death in 1924 because of a tangled parachute. Later that year Cyle Horchem fell to his death trying to climb on top of a airplane wing.

Harper County Fountain

Some landmarks in Harper county is, Anthony Chamber of Commerce, Harper County Courthouse, Anthony City Dam, Attica City Wells, and Harper Fountain.

Some common Jobs are Management Buisiness Finances, and Construction.

Some major events that happened in Harper county are, The first church was founded in 1877, the first building was made in 1874, and the Lameron trading post began in the late 1880s.

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