How is Edmond Dantes a byronic hero? By Kyle Chen


Edmond Dantès is considered a Byronic Hero because he was traumatized, arrogant, and very intelligent.

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"Believe me, edmond, guilty as i am, i've suffered too!""have you felt your father dying while you were absent?" cried monte cristo. "have you seen the woman you loved give her hand to your rival while you were groaning in the depths of a dungeon?" (dumas 377)

Dantès is explaining to Mercédès that he had a troubled and harsh life after he was shut away in prison. Mercédès expresses her feelings and tells Dantès that she has suffered as much after his departure. Monte Cristo interrupts her and explains that he has been through more trauma and suffering that in incomparable to his experiences.

"well, then, you should have offered him thirty-two thousand. he's a banker, and a banker would never miss a chance to double his capital.""Are you speaking seriously, sir?" asked bertuccio. (Dumas 199)

The count believes that anything is possible if there is money involved. The way Monte Cristo says that Bertuccio should have offered him more money is showing that the Count believes that the horses have no value. Bertuccio did not take this matter lightly. This shows how the Count is arrogant with money spending.

"although he was stunned and almost suffocated, dantès nevertheless had the presence of mind to hold his breath and rip open the sack with the knife which he still held in his right hand. but he was still dragged downward by the cannon ball tied to his feet. he bent double and cut the rope just as he was about to suffocate. then he kicked vigorously and rose to the surface of the sea. he paused only long enough to take a deep breath, then dived again to avoid being seen. (dumas 80)

Dantès incredible intelligence has benefitted him to escape from the Château d'If. He is quick witted and took action into his own hands. Dantès' mind has been intaking a lot of information he has received from Abbe Faria which expanded his thinking patterns and logic.

What is a byronic hero?

A Byronic Hero was created by English Romantic poet Lord Byron. The Byronic Hero is an extreme variant of the Romantic Hero archetype since he was apparently bored with the same old hero.

how is edmond dantès a byronic hero?

Dantès is a Byronic Hero because he grew as a character in the book. In the beginning, he was an innocent man who had a great future ahead of him. One of his close friends caused his downfall when he was accused of being a Bonapartist traitor. Dantès was sent to prison and changed him dramatically. He developed many traits such as being ruthless, arrogant, and intelligent. Dantès also disguised himself as many other people to play a different role for each person he sought revenge for. Then, he became more dedicated in pursuing matters of justice over legality. He did not care about the price he would pay for seeking revenge on those who cause his life to turn upside down. Dantès was a very loving young man and became a more dangerous man that had the power to control others in his life.


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