The Failure of Reconstruction the faults north and south

After the end of the civil war, a plan for reconstruction of America was to be put into place. However, Reconstruction was heavily classified as a failure. How was the Failure of the reconstruction a fault of the north AND south, and how did this effect the newly freed slaves? Due to ideals in the south still being heavily influenced by race and new government administration under Johnson, blacks found themselves barely being a step up from slaves.
An Act To Establish A Bureau For The Relief Of Freedmen & Refugees

Although the overall reconstruction was a failure, there were still several silver linings. the Freedman's Bureau was established by congress to help the newly freed slaves. The war had left many southern towns destroyed and most blacks had little or no money. The Bureau helped provide food, shelter, medicine, and other essentials to them. it as successful in helping the newly freed slaves until it ran out of funds, and with pressure from white southerners, it was shut down.

Radical Republican Plans

Initially, after the war, the republican party had progressive ideals on how to punish the south and increase the stature of blacks living there. however, the war was mostly fought for political reasons, and the other half of the government (Lincoln at the time) wanted to allow the south back in with a slap on the wrist. After Lincolns assassination, Johnson furthered this by denying all Republican ideas in Congress and making it very clear he only cared about reuniting the country. this is one of the main reasons why black civil rights failed in the south.
Lasting Legacy

The effects of the failed reconstruction can still be seen today. Anti black groups, such as the KKK, were formed during this period. they were formed because the south believed in white supremacy, the concept that whites were superior over all. because of the government failure and apathy to crush these groups they thrived and still exist today.

In conclusion, although blacks gained their freedom, they did not gain many right and the government did not offer much help. racist groups like the KKK, the apathy of the Johnson government, and the assassination of Lincoln all lead to the south being let off with a slap on the wrist. they were readily accepted back into the union will little punishment, giving them freeway to continue implementing unfair laws like black codes and Jim Crow laws. These ideals would stay with the country for many years to come, when Martin Luther King JR gives his famous I have a Dream speech.

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