The Phantom doom. bit of an app mash.

App mashing is something (fairly) unique to touch screen art. Of course digital artists have always created images in a wide range of programs (3d models in 3DS Max, the textures in Photoshop for example) but there's something about taking an image started in one app, saving to camera roll and then carrying on in a new application. Like much of tablet art, compared to desktop, it's just so immediate.

This particular image started as a scribble in Paper by 53. I fancied trying the new UI refresh the app had been touting. Sadly, as Paper doesn't have layers, I don't have the original line but it would have looked a little like the pic above...

Still in Paper I laid down some flat and shaded colours, I actually started by loading, resizing and cutting and moving pieces of this picture...

Optional iPad Pro stylus holder. iPad Pro Nano, ArtRage app.

A tiny bit of which you can see against the Phantom Doom's right eyebrow. So, basically, I came into the image with no plan, just an hour or so to see what had changed...

A couple of days later I came back to Paper and tidied it up a little more. The only difference being that when I'd started the picture I was laying in a big oval chair and when I carried on I was sitting on a bus...

And I was ok with the image as it stood... But I fancied a bit of app mashing so flung the image through ArtRage, starting off with a texture layer (below).

I also tidied up parts of the image which the zoom in ArtRage helped with. Zoom has never been Paper's strength. It's better now.... But it's still not as flexible as a full on art application.

The mouth is my favourite part of the image. The entire thing isn't my style, per se, but I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton, Dave McKean, Scottie Young, Bill Sienkiewicz and so on and was enjoying the creating of the picture with an eye to the greats and how they've influenced me.

....possibly the image was a counterpoint to the image I had also been working on that day, a calmer piece created in Autodesk Sketchbook and Procreate app.

And then, as I was due to chat on the Mac and Forth podcast on the subject of iPad Pro and Pencil stylus (spoiler, love the look of it, almost certainly a day one purchase) a certain phrase came to mind which led to this....

So... Just your average scribble on an iPad mini 2which took a walk from Paper by 53, to ArtRage, to Lightroom, across Photoshop Touch (for the header image) and finally into Adobe Slate (for this story).

Which almost brings me back to Adobe's concept of the Creative Cloud connected apps - desktop and mobile working in sync, using the right tool for the right job. I don't think they're fully there yet but they're damn close and some of the apps are fabtastic (as one of my wondrous students would say).... Another Slate story for another time I think....

(Just realised I didn't talk about styli... that's because I literally can't remember what I used. Definitely Pencil by 53 and ibiopen. Think I also used the Adobe Ink and the Friendly Swede styli too).

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