How the Epiphany is Celebrated in other Countries Gillian McGuire // Period C // January 13, 2017

In Italy, people celebrate La Befana. This tradition on the day of the Epiphany is derived from a tale about a woman who rides a broomstick and delivers gift to children while searching for baby Jesus.

Italians embrace La Befana just as much as Santa Claus. She is believe princess to give gifts to those who are good and coal to the bad, just like Santa.

Some traditions burn a rag doll in a bonfire to represent the old year's sacrifice for a new, successful year. This is something Befana represents as a character from the traditional tales. The doll can also be displayed as decoration.

In other cities and regions of Italy, parades are held with this character, other versions of this character, or the wise men marching through the streets handing out gifts and candies to children.

Usually the feast of the Epiphany is held on January 6th, but some cities celebrate on December 31 or January 5.

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