lol...OMG Chapter 1 high school in thr digital age

The way that teachers are teaching and students are learning is completely changing. A permanent record is real now. Everything you say and do online is with you forever. High school is when a lot of kids are experimenting and exploring new things but those things now stick with you forever. Bullies getting increasingly worse and kids can't get away from it. It's hard for people to ever get a fresh start on life. The Internet isn't very old so it's not perfect and still has a lot of flaws. Sadly, since it is so new there is new quick and easy fix. We need to be careful about what we post online

My opinion on this chapter is that it is very true and also sad. Even though the way we are learning is improving, there are really bad sides. Bullying and depression have gotten very bad. You never can get rid of your past. But at some point we will learn how to manage it.

"Faculty and staff are still figuring out how to educate students about responsible use of emerging technologies, and Congress us still trying to figure out how to balance the extraordinary freedom provided by the Internet with its very real potential to harm."

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