Book Thief Themes By Brendan ZIER

Theme #1: When things don't go your way you can always find ways of dealing with them.

No matter which way your path goes you can always find a way to learn from it.

"The man did not breathe. He did not move. Yet, somehow, he traveled from the doorway to the bed and was under the covers." (33.13)

This quote talks about how Max has been hidden for such a long time that he has become really good at pretending to not exist. Since he is a Jew nothing is really in his favor and therefore he can't do much. But hiding for a long time has helped him stay alive and during this time as a jew it would definitely help to pretend to not exist that way nobody would ever think to look for you and you would stay alive.

A real life example of my theme is from the movie Fury. Toward the end of the movie Brad Pitt and his crew were stuck due to their track being blown off by a mine. It's starting to get dark and even worse an SS Battalion with hundreds of men and several armored cars are marching in their direction. Nothing is going their way and there isn't really much they can do. His crew wants to ditch the tank and run but the SS would be getting closer to U.S areas. So Brad Pitt decides to stay and fight them. They ended up staying and they all died except for one. But they were able to kill dozens upon dozens of enemies. Later that morning other U.S soldiers and tanks marched through and rescued the one soldier.

Theme #2: Life is like a brick wall, it's hard to get through it but there is always a way around it.

“Like most misery, it started with apparent happiness.” (108)

This quote explains that even happiness can always lead to misery and that there is always a way around everything even when things seemed alright at first.

A real world example of this is also from the movie Fury. During the movie a group of american tanks are driving along a road in Germany. All of a sudden one of them blows up and it startles the rest. The movie doesn't revile what the source is yet but it was something scary that's for sure. The american tanks start to turn off road to have the front of their tanks facing the direction of the shot. Suddenly the source fires again and misses. They then pop smoke on the source not knowing what else to do since they can't see it too well. The movie reviles the source to be a german Tiger tank which was a very deadly and thick armored tank. The american tanks start coming at it since they can't do much else. The tiger tank represents the brick wall because it's thick and hard to get around but there is still always a way around it. Two more american tanks got destroyed but the last one got around behind the tank after no luck in the front armor and was able to put two shots in and destroy it.

Theme #3: Fear can change the minds of people

" I'm haunted by humans." (125)

this quote can explain the fear that some people had. Humans have caused fear in this person and doesn't feel safe around most the people that were in Germany because a lot supported Hitler and you could be killed for going against him. Fear changed people during this time. Hitler had promised to help because people were scared but now he has also caused fear in them and has made a lot of people regretful of getting him to where he was.

A real world example would be from the movie Angry Birds. While it may seem like a silly movie for this quote it definitely works. The pigs came to the bird island promising peace, friendship, and happiness. The birds liked the pigs and started to get used to them and their stuff like trampolines and such. But when the pigs stole the eggs and ran off they caused sadness and fear in the birds and the birds didn't know what to do. But the birds went to fight back instead of staying scared.


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