The Book Theif Landon Wyatt

May 4 - Exemplary Evaluator

  • 1. The author of The Book Thief is Markus Zusak
  • 2. He was born in Sydney, Austrailia
  • 3. He wrote 6 books
  • 4. FIrst book was The Underdog, released in 1999.
  • 5. Second Book was Fighting Ruben Wolfe, released in 2000.
  • 6. Third book was When Dogs Cry, released in 2001.
  • 7. Then released The Messenger in 2002
  • 8. Markus also released The Book Thief in 2005.
  • 9. Studied English and History at the University of South Whales
  • 10. His mother is from Germany
  • 11. His father is from Austria
  • 12. Won the Margaret A. Edwards award in 2014.
  • 13. The Book Thief won 4 awards
  • 14. The messenger won 6 awards
  • 15. When Dogs Cry won 1 award
  • 16. Fighting Ruben Wolfe also won 1 award
  • 17. He is also working on a book called Bridge of Clay
  • 18. Inserted himself as one of today's most innovative and poetic novelists at a young age
  • 19. married to Mika Zusak
  • 20. Has two sisters and one brother
  • 21. His family immigrated to Australia in the late 1500s
  • 22. He has two children
  • 23. Is 41 years old
  • 24. attended Engadine High School
  • 25. Returned to teach there for a brief period while writing.

May 3 - Connection Builder

The book thief is similar to events happening in the world right now. It mostly relates to Donald Trump and his policy on foreign nations and illegal immigration. Nazi germany treated the Jews very poorly. Although while there will be no deaths we still treat illegal immigrants poorly. Donald Trump might also start a war like Hitler did in WW2.

May 2 - Character Captain

May 1st - Word Wizard

Literary Luminary APril 28

April 26 - Discussion Director

The nazis took the unloyal germans to concentration camps. Some traitors were even executed. Hitler established a special court so that no traitors would get out unpunished. Germans could also be punished for helping Jews. They could also get in trouble if they didn't tell on others.

My protagonist was not a nazi. She was still a German, however. She hated Hitler but had to hide the fact that she did. Her family hid a Jew in their basement. She couldn't tell anyone that. Her home town was bombed by the Allied Forces. She didn't have any propaganda directed towards her.

April 25 - Exemplary Evaluator

This type of propaganda can be used to make people believe these types of statements. If a dictator makes this propaganda then the people will most likely believe it. The propaganda says that Jews are snakes and that you should not hide them. People also usually believe this type of propaganda easily. This is why this type of propaganda can be used to make people believe these types of statements.

April 24 - Connection Builder

My protagonist from the book I am reading is named Liesel. Me and Liesel both have names that start with the letter 'L'. Liesel is nine years old and I am thirteen years old. That makes us both kids. We also both really dislike the nazis. Me and Liesel also both attend school. We are also both the main character of our own lives.

Character captain April 21

Literary Luminary April 19

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Discussion Director April 18

My book that I'm reading is The Book Thief. The author of the book is Markus Zusak. The genre of the book is historical fiction. The main character of The Book Thief is a person named Liesel. Liesel's emotions, interactions, and description reveal that Liesel is a girl that likes to read books.

The book also supports this. There is a moment where Liesel decides to steal a book so that it isn't burned. ""Three books." Liesel spoke softly and she looked at the backs of the men." This is what Liesel says before she decides to steal the book. The quote is on Page 119.

That isn't the only time that Liesel has stolen a book. Near the beginning of the book she steals a book that she found in the snow. This only supports that Liesel likes to take books so that she can read them. So, in conclusion, Liesel's emotions, description, interactions reveal that she is a young girl that likes to steal and read books.

Connection Builder 4/13

The stories Book Thief and The whispering town are similar. One example of this is that in the book thief, liesel sometimes goes to visit the jew. In the whispering town, Anett visits the jews when he takes them food. They both are worried about Nazis finding the jews. There are also more examples of this. In The Whispering Town, Anett gets to know the Jew hiding in his basement. Liesel does the same in The Book Thief.

Character Captain April 12

  • Liesel
  • Who was Childish, thief, and friendly
  • Who was friends with Rudy, the mayor's wife, and Max
  • Who was a Foster daughter of Rosa and Hans hubermann
  • Who loved Her brother, Books, and Her foster parents
  • Who felt Anger, Sadness, and Happiness
  • Who feared Her books being taken away, Her foster parents being taken away, and the Jew in the basement being found
  • Who Accomplished stealing a book before it was burned
  • Who didn't want the books to be burned and doesn't want the Jews to be prosecuted
  • Who lives in The house of Hans and Rosa Hubermann
  • Meminger

Literary Luminary April 10

  • "As you can see, we have a visitor" pg.200 Hans Hubermann is telling Liesel that someone has come to their house.
  • "He'll talk to you and you'll have to listen" pg.201 Liesel's mom is telling her that she has to listen to her father.
  • "I need to tell you something" pg.202 Liesel's father is informs her that he is about to deliver some important information to her.
  • "If you tell anyone about that man..." pg.203 Liesel's father informs her that if he tells anyone about the man that is staying with them then she would be in some sort of trouble
  • "I will take each and every one of your books and I will burn them" pg.203 Liesel's father informs her about what one of the punishments for the above action will be.

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