Mental Health Joel Davis

Preface: Neil Hilborn is very poular within the realm of slam poetry. Here is a sample of some of his work. Notice how the descriptions of his day-to-day life seem to heavily differ from that of someone who define their "OCD" with enjoying organization:

Contrast for positive emotion
Flowering contrast used for tackling an illness (Toku Maela)
A psychologist,separate from Tsuko, doing strangely similar designs in related work for mental illness.
Does medication always work?
The Akha put a particularly heavy emphasis on genealogy - they are taught their family history at a very early age, and their culture has a strong focus on honouring ancestors and their parents, though they dispute that this represents a form of ancestor worship. A better description of Akha religion would be animism, as they believe in a world filled with spirits, both good and bad, that have a definite physical impact on the world. They believe in a natural cycle of balance that, if disrupted, can result in illness, hardship, or even death.
Joan of Arc, rumored to have dealt with hallucinations and other mental illness symptoms throughout her life.
Pictured at the launch of the ‘Well being in post primary schools’


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