MAASKANTJE!! By mike hoomoedt

Maaskantje is the best place because

Cafetaria 't pleintje

And the new kids ofcourse

Maaskantje also Make's the best movies

Form turbo

To nitro

Maaskantje is not the best place to live but it is decent

It has its own soccer field accept that this is not the best place to live but I chose it for the films you Know

Also a fun place to live is Schijndel as you have steen on the photo above with tHe People form schijndel

Schijndel and Maaskantje are familiair to echother bot they hate the other village

"If you come form Schijndel you are gay"

Is the sign on the whole screen

Really they dont like eachother

I hope you liked it

But If you want to go to Maaskantje or Schijndel, dont go Wohen they are shooting a film

I am Mike hoomoedt and this was my place to be

Created By
Mike Hoomoedt

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