After some time had passed I heard screaming up front in the pilot seat. The waitress walked by, Preston asked "What's going on?"

The waitress said "I don't know what's happening." Boom!! the left wings engine exploded "Preston yelled, "brace for impact!"

Preston yelled, "Oww that hurt!" hey everyone are you alright!"no one was replying so I tried to stand up but it seems as if I was cut by steel but, I have to see if there are any water droplets left so I stood up and walk around but I don't see any one so that means there gone vaporized.

An unknown water droplet walked up to me Hey you water droplet Preston asks "who's there" (unowned) me bam,, go to sleep go to sleep water droplet. (Preston) were am I In (unknown) your in the glaciers aaahhhh!! Pow.

(Unknown) Your safe now

(Unknown) You better be happy I did not leave you behind for the things. (Preston) Thank you for not leaving me behind but did you seriously have to nock me out (unknown)yes because I did no you wore one of those things or a bandit also. (Preston) this looks as biuldiful as the ocean.

(Unknown)This is ware you will be staying for a while(Preston)ask what's your name (James) (Preston) nice meat you James.

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