Adobe Spark an online guerrilla advertisemnet platform

More specifically you can create posts, ads, and presentations on the fly, letting you instantly sending them across Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Similar to platforms such as Visme or Picktochart.

Businesses can use this for:

  • Announcements
  • Advertisements (obviously)
  • Press releases
  • Newsletter updates

Adobe Spark also features a library of pictures across all topics to be used for free!

So if your updating your blog, sending out a tweet about a new product, or need to create a presentation in short time, then Spark will get the job done.



Created with images by Photo-Mix - "social media facebook twitter" • Thinex - "iman egg germany" • SupportPDX - "Photoshop" • Jazzyroses - "Animal Kingdom 602" • Elijah - "How frequently do you visit TechSoup for educational articles, blogs or forums no title" • Marco 56 - "M 06372 158" • Greyerbaby - "kids football games tackle" • BruceEmmerling - "protest demonstration israel" • Damian Gadal - "#politics" • PublicDomainPictures - "communism communist hammer" • raymaclean - "Politics"

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