Town of Chase Chase Town Hall, 8481, County road s, pulaski, wi, 54162

Issues--- Animal control- All dogs 5 months or older are required by law to be licensed yearly. They did this because they wanted more control on the animals.

Building & Construction- Owners must repair or replace alarms within 5 days of written notice from an occupant of an inspector. This makes our town safer and more aware.

Burning & Fireworks permits- Dispose hot ashes and always have proper tools, water handy, and never leave it unattended. This prevents wildfires, and decreases danger around the community.

Pulaski fire department- We are the only municipality to vote "no" on purchase of new firetruck. They wanted to have a vote on whether they should get the new fire truck or not, but they voted no.

Burning& firework permits--- We are handling this issue in many ways. First, we are making everyone dispose of hot ashes and have proper tools near. Also, you should have water handy and never leave a fire unattended or too high. I agree with how they are handling it because it's really important that people take proper precautions while dealing with fires. To add, it could get way out of hand if people do not follow this. They should require permits for certain heights of fires or specific things or fireworks. Finally, if people hold up to this rule, our town will be safer.

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