The Lightning Thief Arthur: Rick Riordan By: Nina Ni

Summary: When his lightning bolt is stolen, Zeus accuses Poseidon's son Percy Jackson and gives Poseidon's son fourteen days to return it, otherwise he will initiate a war amongst the gods. Meanwhile the teenager, Percy, who is dyslexic and has ADHD is visiting The Museum of Metropolitan of Art and is attacked by a Fury disguised in his teacher. His physically handicapped best friend Grover reveals that Percy is a demigod and that he is his protector and his teacher Mr Brunner gives him a pen telling him that it is a powerful weapon. They go to Percy's house and together with his mother Sally they drive to the Camp Half-Blood. However Sally is attacked by a Minotaur and vanishes before Percy can help her. In the camp, Percy befriends the gorgeous Annabeth; when they are attacked by Hades who wants the lighting bolt for himself, Percy discovers that his mother is in the Underworld with Hades. Percy decides to travel on a dangerous quest to retrieve the lightning bolt and save his mother. Grover and Annabeth join him and Luke gives a powerful shield of his own to protect Percy. Will they be able to succeed?

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Rick Riordan is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of over twenty novels for young readers, including the Percy Jackson series, the Kane Chronicles, the Magnus Chase series and the Trials of Apollo. He is also the author of the multi-award-winning Tres Navarre mystery series for adults.

For fifteen years, Rick taught English and history at public and private middle schools in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Texas. While teaching in San Antonio, Saint Mary’s Hall honored him with the school’s first Master Teacher Award.

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The Lightning Thief is all about identity and about discovering identity. At the beginning of our narrator's tale, Percy Jackson doesn't yet know who his father is or that he has any special powers of any kind. He thinks of himself as a "bad kid," one who always gets into trouble. Over the course of the story, however, he learns things about himself that he never thought possible.

Percy also exhibits courage throughout the entire book, whether he is battling chimeras or journeying to the underworld. He displays the courage that it requires to keep his companions feeling safe and ready to follow him, which is necessary if he wants to complete his quest. The quest itself would not have been granted to Percy were it not for his courageous actions at Camp Half-Blood. Therefore courage is in integral theme of this book and to the character of Percy Jackson.

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Nina Ni


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