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Melek Ustunluk aka Mimi's Braids has been wowing the natural hair community for almost two decades. With intricate designs and uncanny precision, Mimi has become a favorite among her fanbase, fellow braiders and beauty brands. Her salon, The Braid Shop in Clifton, NJ has become a go-to for natural hair enthusiasts of all ages.

Creating videos since 2007, Mimi has always understood the importance of branding and the power of social media. Her videos offer fellow Braider's and prospective clients up close at her amazing techniques. Known for her attention to detail, speed and great customer service, Mimi has become a sought after stylists in high demand. She uses her voice and high profile status to fight for causes related to Braiders rights, youth empowerment, and Mompreneurs.

Mimi's Braids clients include professional athletes, grammy award winning artists and reality stars, politicians and public figures. Her work can be seen on music videos, television shows and live performances.

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Mimi’s Braids receives requests from beauty brands for promotion and product testing. She has lent her talents and support for Urban Beauty Hair, Style Factor, Shea Moisture and Clairol both at live events and for promotional videos. At live events, Mimi negotiates deals that allows other incredible braiders to promote themselves. Mimi's Braid Bars brings high level excitement to events to the delight of her sponsors and loyal fanbase.

Mimi has received credit for barbers include Braiders at their competitions. Because of her input as a consultant and judge, the Man-Bun competitions have become a big audience draw and a great opportunity for new braiders to showcase their talents on a major platform.

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“I’ve built my business on 4 main principles: mastery, loyalty, knowledge of self and authenticity!”

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