WWI Guide Items By: Angaleena Zimmerman


Dog Cute Pet by Wow_Pho is licensed under Creative Commons CC0

A dog could save a soldiers life by killing the rats that will attack at night. It can also carry messages throughout the trenches. Not only will the dog save lives, but it'll help keep a soldiers sanity in the troubling times (“What”).

Steel Helmet

AM.021751 by The Swedish Army Museum is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

When in trenches, the most vulnerable part of a human is their head. Steel helmets can protect soldiers against enemy projectiles, which include the famous Shrapnel. The steel helmet, while not the most important item a soldier should bring, is definitely one that can save someone's life (“10”).


Vaccination Doctor Syringe by dfuhlert is licensed under CC0 Public Domain

Diseases are prevalent in the trenches, due to the crowded space and rats running around. Vaccines can help stave off these diseases. The main disease treated for is typhoid (“10”).


A rifle is mainly needed to shoot enemy attackers. Some soldiers used the pointed end, called a bayonet, to open cans and clean off their boots. This is mainly used to kill enemies who may be attempting to get into the other sides trenches (“What”).


The periscope allowed soldiers to observe the battle field without completely exposing their head. This allowed for more scouting to be done in one area due to the lessened risk of death. This has prevented many deaths from soldiers who were surveying no-mans land (“What”).

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