America's beginning The story of america

James Town is [in my opinion] where America first started. After the race to find new land and colonies it. Great Britain had started a successful colony. With the first commander being John Smith. Who whipped the settlers into shape by starting new policies like the "No work no eat" policy. And of course since James Town is settled in Virginia it made it a great place to grow crops starting the cash crop Tobacco. Which brought new settlers ,and a booming economy.

James town was closed in by wooden walls in a triangle shape
In 1776 56, delegates from all the 13 colonies met to vote on whether to declare independence from England or not. They decided they should. So, they started to writing a formal document declaring independence from England. They put 5 men to the job including: Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Addams, Roger Sherman, and Robert .R Livingston. It took them 17 days completely finish writing it. Until it was time to present the deceleration to the people. On the 4th of July, 1776.

Then in 1789 George Washington began his job as president. He helped our country at the time by staying neutral ,and staying out of trouble with both England and France.

The main crew that set off on the Lewis and Clark expedition

In 1803 president Jefferson made an offer to buy New Orleans and the pan handle of Florida from France for $10,000,000 So, they could be able to travel through the Mississippi River freely. France then counter offered with adding another $5,000,000 for an extra part of land they had ,called the Louisiana Territory. We would soon find out in 2 years that this land would double the size of our country at the time.

Mr.Betts' on the Lewis and Clark Expidition

In the war of 1812 is [in my opinion] when America finally became an actual country. I think so because before people thought that America was just an experiment ,and other countries didn't count ,or take America seriously as an independent country. But after fighting in the war of 1812 and [somewhat] beating the British again they got what they wanted at the end of the revolutionary war [ which was no more British soldiers/forts in america, no more British soldiers attacking settlers ext.] they finally got in the treaty of Ghent.


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