Meet International Hip Hop recording artist Kaffi Blak

Kaffi Blak, Mr. Crèam De La Crèam , the Founder/CEO of JAMUS PRODUCTIONS- all a while being an extraordinary artist himself; Born into a strong foundation with knowledge and love for Hip Hop/Rap culture has allowed him to be the smoothest lyricist in the game.

Taking his roots and mixing those same melodic melodies and rhymes- with his knowledge of the the streets and earned respect of the hustle he has mastered his sound creating the hits you hear today.

Giving the vibe of a true gentleman like in his latest hit “My Chick” he has continuously been able to captivate all the beautiful ladies with his charm. Kaffi Blak’s presence is undoubtedly being felt in the music industry. The multicultural influences that Kaffi Blak delivers through his music, has made him the biggest sought after International Superstar.

“Music has been in my life for years. I created as I grew music became the bigger picture for me, like the art of the hustle. I put in the work musically. My music explains itself and it’s origin." - Kaffi Blak

Kaffi Blak’s catchy delivery, melodic sound and play on words gives any record a vibe you won’t forget. "Perfection is a state of mind. You have to have the confidence to believe in yourself, drive to work hard, and artistry to produce the best content in your lane." -Kaffi Blak