Adobe Spark: Graphic Design in No Time! Presented by Maryam Ahmed


Adobe spark is an incredibly simple tool that allows you to produce really eye-catching graphics. Read about the three different things you can create using Adobe Spark below...

Why care about design?

Here is a pretty traditional-looking power point slide. Most people will look at this for about 3 seconds before we loose their attention.

Here is a slide with a few simple design adjustments. Which one makes the bigger impact?


Adobe Spark is really like three tools in one. This is a FREE tool. You can sign up on the website,, and have access to all three tools in one place. Or you can download the three separate Adobe Spark apps, which are all free as well.

1. Adobe Post

  • Easy graphic design
  • Pick a background photo
  • Add text
  • Download or share as a link


  • Quick & easy templates
  • Simple timelines
  • Free music included
  • Easy to share as a URL or quick link

3. Adobe Spark Pages

Adobe Spark Pages is an awesome web story or digital magazine creator. This presentation is an example. You begin by choosing a theme, and then you can easily add information to build your page. Click the + button to view things to add. Make sure you have the order you'd like your information to be placed decided in advance, because it isn't very easy to re-organize the information.

The Photogrid allows you to pick various pictures and resize them into a gridlike pattern.

The themes are pre-chosen, so everything matches. This is a useful feature and helps things get done pretty quickly. You can make headings by highlighting text, and then choosing H1 or H2, or use the quote marks to make text stand out. You can also add captions to images. You can embed "buttons" which are links to websites or embed videos directly from Youtube, Vimeo, or Spark Video.


This is probably the coolest looking part of Adobe Pages. It allows you to pick a background photo. Then, you can add text OR other photos on top. You can also add buttons (links to other sites) or even embed a video in the glideshow.


Created with images by woodleywonderworks - "The Night Lights of the United States (as seen from space)" • dizfunkshinal - "Clouds" • GooKingSword - "northern lights aurora borealis blender" • Pexels - "new year's eve sparkler sylvester" • geralt - "cinema landscape mood" • RichardLey - "camera old retro" • auspices - "untitled image" • sigisagi - "Wave" • skeeze - "windows building pattern" • spacedance - "on holiday"

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