Ocean Predators ocean predators are very dangerous

Sharks Predators

Many sharks in the ocean team up and locate their prey. Their prey are cat sharks, and the whale sharks. Not all sharks are the same.

Sharks Made

Great White Sharks can sense blood from 3 miles 5 kilograms. Shark's blood vessel takes oxygen. Sharks depend on their nostrils to pick up to smell hundreds of yards away.

Sharks Habitat

Sharks live in the world's oceans. Some other sharks live in warm water.

Baby sharks

Sharks lay eggs 1.6 years thats every year of there lives. Baby sharks are 2.6 feet long first born every 2 years.

Types of Sharks

There's the Great White Sharks, Hammer Heads, Wale sharks, and the Kite sharks all of those sharks are 9.61 feet.

Saving sharks

When sharks are trapped they use 1060 power. They use their bodies, teeth, and their mouth.


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