Great user experiences can be born from design that gets out of the user’s way. Judges praised the Bostwick Community Centre for its clean look and uncluttered wayfinding. One judge admired the thought behind the design plan, which “creates clear circulation and division between program elements.”

Facilities of Merit winners were selected in July by a panel of seven architects at the conclusion of two days of deliberations at AB Media headquarters in Madison, Wis. Next month, the architects, consultants and facility owners behind each winning project will be honored at a reception at the Athletic Business Conference & Expo in Orlando.

Thanks to all 54 entrants for helping ensure the program’s high level of competition, and congratulations to the 2019 Facilities of Merit. — The Editors

Bostwick Community Centre, YMCA & London Public Library

MJMA | Toronto, Ont.

Location : London, Ont.

“I love the powerful simplicity of this project. Its thoughtful use of color, light and form come together to create a very successful project. The site and sustainable feature integration is downplayed but significant to the overall success.” — Jon Niemuth

That’s not to say that the venue — which houses water, ice and a variety of dryland activities — is short on design flourishes. A-colored tile mosaic spans the teaching pool, for example, and a pillar-supported wall of paned glass wraps high above one end of the ice rink. Plum-colored felt adorns the walls of quiet “living rooms” designed to encourage gathering and interaction.

“The Bostwick Community Centre celebrates community togetherness through simple, clean forms and details that create an easy flow from space to space in dynamic and powerful volumes.” — Mark Williams

“The beautifully minimalistic material palette lets the user and the experience be the star of the show,” another judge said. “This is perfectly executed timeless design.”

“Including both regional and site context really helped showcase the thought process utilized during the design. A very well-conceived site and landscape plan. Beautiful interiors allow the program to take precedence.” — Arash Izadi