Canbury School Newsletter 9th November 2018. issue 140

Dear Parents and Visitors

The whole school observed a two minute silence this morning to commemorate the ending of WW1. It was a poignant moment and gave us all time to reflect on the freedom and opportunities we all take for granted.

It's extremely fitting then to report that Mrs Branney will be singing at two remembrance services this weekend. 'Somme Dream' is a beautiful song which was written by a lady called Sharon Wigley, whose son died whilst on duty in Afghanistan. All monies raised as a result of sales will go to her charity, Shrapnel.

Shrapnel aims to raise awareness of the number of life changing injuries suffered by troops and to help towards the cost of high specification wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, communication aids and other related disability equipment to enable injured soldiers to live fully active lives again.


The beautiful blueberries at the top of the newsletter were painted by Drew in Year 10. Drew is one of a handful of our "artists of the month". Further down you may feast your eyes on further works of art. I continue to be delighted and in awe every day at the many talents of members of our Canbury family.

In other news I'm excited to announce we are now busy planning the next residential school trip, which will be a history tour to Greece in October 2019, and will be open to Years 8 - 13.

Depending on numbers, it will cost around £800. However the final cost won't be available until we know how many students are actually going.

In the first instance parents of interested children are asked to contact the school office to have that interest noted. This afternoon we will be sending a booklet, giving more information via email, to parents in all year groups.

I look forward to seeing our Year 10 students with their parents at their parents' evening next Wednesday.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Adam for his excellent attitude in Drama rehearsals, trying out different roles and being very co-operative.

Kyrell too for his willingness to try out different parts, characters and accents.

Zac, Carl and Adam for excellent results in their Geography progress test.

Kyrell, again, for helpfulness at the start of the day.

Year 8

The whole of Year 8 for an excellent attitude to rehearsals in Drama and coming up with some great dialogue solutions for their characters.

Ottilie for an excellent score in her Geography progress test.

Lucas and Kiran for excellence in Cross Country.

Ottilie & Harry L - 100% and 95% in ICT work on Monday.

Kiran for being a supportive member of Team Chase 85 last Friday.

Year 9

Ellie for improving her seven times table from 5.68 seconds per question to 2.08 seconds per question. Well done.

Alex W and Shiroxley for their participatory attitude in Drama rehearsals for the Christmas show and Evie for taking on her role so committedly.

Armani for facing her fears in Drama and joining in well.

Alex W for two black belts in Numeracy Ninjas in the last booklet.

Armani for a black belt in the last Numeracy Ninjas booklet.

Oskar - excellence in ICT.

Year 10

Rosie for her excellent contributions in Performing Arts during our lesson on “Oh What a Lovely War” and sharing with us some of her experience and rehearsals as a cadet this week for Remembrance Day Services.

Emily, Amy, Ben and Matt for all getting 100 on their factorising homework.

Joe for improvement in his concentration during Physics lesson on Thursday.

Emily for her tenacity in successfully overcoming a very difficult task - well done.

Year 11

Dean, Faysal and Luca for getting a black belt in their Numeracy Ninjas in the last booklet.

Felix, Faysal and Luca for excellent memory of essential facts and formulae in Physics.

Jasmina for a very respectable result in our recent Physics test.

Year 13

Margaux for being a supportive member of Team Chase 85 last Friday.


Mrs Allen would like to draw your attention to an evening of "Maths, Magic and Mystery" which is being held at The Royal Institution next Friday evening and which looks like a whole lot of Mathematical fun.

Bestselling maths author Rob Eastaway has enjoyed puzzles and magic since he was a child. In this entertaining and interactive talk, he’ll share some of his favourite mind-reading tricks, games and puzzles, including a surprising revelation about PG Tips teabags and some telepathy worthy of Derren Brown.

For all information and to book tickets go to:http://www.rigb.org/whats-on/events-2018/november/family-maths-magic-mystery


As always it's been a busy week in the Science Department here at Canbury.

Year 7 were investigating how the shape of bones affects their strength as well as using pulse oximeters to investigate how their heart rate increases with exercise.

In addition Year 11 students were investigating how temperature affects respiration rate using maggots. 'Unfortunately' Mrs Johnson's video of squirming, wriggling maggots wouldn't upload! Phew.

Sports News

It's certainly been another action-packed week at Canbury.

Mr Orchard writes about the SSSSA Creative Dance Day at Leatherhead, which took place on Tuesday:

"Canbury helped organise this workshop which involved 10 schools and almost 90 students. The behaviour of our students was excellent. A massive thank you to the four staff who got so enthusiastically involved, with Miss Ross being very well supported by Ms Dar, Ms Robinson and Elena.

At the end of the afternoon all the schools showcased what they had done on the theme of 'Somewhere over the Rainbow'. The Canbury performance went well and like all the performances was very well received."

Another hard day at school for our Canbury students.....

This Wednesday saw some of our Year 10, 11 & Sixth Form students take part in the SSSSA KS4 badminton tournament at the Guildford Spectrum. Canbury took a team of 12 down for the tournament which consisted of a doubles league followed by a singles knockout competition. All of our team deserve immense credit for their excellent participation and sportsmanship, which saw us come third place in the doubles league. Another stand out performance was from Rosie who won her first game in the singles competition and got to the quarter finals.

KS4 badminton players.

Team: Matt W, Joe H, Alex B, Pascal Mc, James B, Rosie C- R, Emily C, Felix P, Ijazz P, Dean S, Faysal H and Chris S

Next week we have a swimming gala at the Kingfisher Leisure Centre in Kingston on Tuesday 10.30 - 11.30 against and with Linden Bridge School. All students will be involved - but our more able swimmers will be doing a time trial over 50m and some will be part of the Mixed Medley Relay where the two teams involved will be called Canbury Bridge & Lindenbury, to reflect the combined nature of the event.


November sees the start of a new series - "Artists of the Month". Scroll down to see some of the stunning work produced by our students.

Adam, Year 7.
Harry A, Y8.
Top to bottom: Evie R (Pop art, purple plane), Alex W (Wham!), Oskar H (Converse boot), Y9
James C, Y11.

Canbury School will be supporting Children in Need next Friday!

It's all aboard for BBC Children in Need on Friday 16th November 2018. Students may come in Mufti, with a nod to Pudsey Bear if they so wish, and £2. There will be a duck raffle and all proceeds will go to this worthy charity.


Meet the member of staff

Mrs Haines - Marmite lover.

This week we step into the world of Mrs Haines, our Functional Skills and Interventions teacher, as well as the Year 7 Transition Tutor. Find out what her Christmas looks like, how she spotted a bear, loves champagne and Marmite (but not together) and see how she is likes to bend the rules.

Best holiday you ever had

Visiting California; walking in Yosemite National Park and spotting a bear, experiencing an all American Halloween and exploring San Francisco.

Thing you do very first thing in the morning when you get up

Eat marmite on toast and drink tea.

Luxury item you couldn't live without


Top relaxation tip to share with us all

Watch a favourite movie whilst eating a sticky bun (or a treat of your choice) sitting on the sofa under a snuggly blanket.

Fish and chips at the seaside or Vegan wrap at a music festival

Please may I have the wrap at the seaside ?!

Thing you wish you had known at 17

It’s more important to be comfortable with who you are than worrying about what other people think of you.

Best part of your job

Getting to know lots of different people of all ages and interests.

Thing you wish all your pupils would do

Understand the relevance of their learning in the wider world and focus on their transferable skills such as listening to each other’s opinions and holding discussions together.

What would you change about Canbury if you could

I would like a window in my room! I would also like a dog sitting service, as I would love a Springer Spaniel and I would like to be able to bring it to work!

A favourite book and/or piece of music

My book is 'The Lie Tree' by Frances Hardinge. I love historical novels, especially those set in Victorian times. My song is ‘Human’ by Christina Perri - she has a wonderful voice which never fails to move me.

Have you started thinking about Christmas yet?

Yes I am going skiing in the Alps and I’m really looking forward to it.





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