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About Marcel Steinbach

Marcel Steinbach is passionate about photography. He developed his feel for colour, composition and quality from assessing and purchasing graphic products and honed his communication skills as a project manager and sales manager, which means he can quickly build a rapport with clients, safety officers and “models”. The above qualities are reflected in the lighting and composition of the images he creates. Marcel produces eye-catching photos, working independently on the basis of a minimal brief.

What points do you need to consider as an infrastructure photographer?

  • An infrastructure or building photographer has to be an expert in many different fields. This portfolio provides an insight into the conditions, both visible and invisible, that need to be met if you want to capture good photos.
  • The first, and most important, condition is safety – the safety of the subject of your photos, but also your own safety as the photographer. On busy, complex building sites you will need a VCA-VOL (Safety for Operational Supervisors) permit. Your photos must depict safe situations in which people are using their PPE correctly.
  • The “story”, good composition and the right light are the most obvious requirements for a photo. In addition, it should have a particular theme or “mood” that supports the image.
  • The weather also plays an important role. Take photos in sunny weather, but also in rain, storms and snow, and make this visible in your photos.
  • You have to work during the day and at night, sometimes in dangerous, uncomfortable positions, without putting your own safety or that of others at risk.
  • It is important to act quickly and remain aware of the subject you are photographing. After all, a bridge is only built once! There can be lots of waiting and then suddenly everything has to be ready in a matter of minutes! That’s why you need to think in advance about the different perspectives you can use for your photos and the possibilities open to you. Studying the site and talking to the people responsible beforehand are essential.
  • When it comes to the choice of subject, construction is never dull! The subjects you want to capture change constantly. Machines and people move around, sunshine and rain alter the light and the environment evolves all the time as a result of changes made to the structure itself.
  • Make your photos newsworthy. The use of new machines or new constructions may be relevant here, as well as the size of the project or the circumstances under which it is being carried out.
  • Focus on distinctive, out-of-the-ordinary aspects. People are used to seeing construction projects, but are generally not aware of the details involved in the work or the circumstances under which it takes place. A good photographer reflects these aspects in his photos.
Gooiseweg, Ausfahrt A9
Ausfahrt Gooiseweg
Alte und neue Brücke über Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal

Why Infra Communicatie?

  • Price: you only pay for what you actually buy. In other words, Infra Communicatie charges for each photo purchased and nothing more.
  • Position: Infra Communicatie’s central location at the heart of the Netherlands means that many different areas are within easy reach. Infra Communicatie is extremely flexible, proactive and used to operating independently.
  • Promotion: thanks to his experience in the graphics industry, Marcel can support or assume responsibility for promotional and graphic design projects and is well aware of the importance of speed during and after a shoot. Photos are generally available within 24-48 hours, even over a weekend.
  • Competitive service: thanks to Infra Communicatie’s flexible approach and network of partners, an excellent service can always be provided and the possibilities are almost endless. A VCA-VOL permit and close contact between Marcel and the people responsible for health and safety on the various sites will ensure the photos produced depict safe working practices.

Launch of Infra Communicatie

Marcel Steinbach set up Infra Communicatie with the aim of transforming his passion into a professional activity and raising his profile. His work can be followed on two different sites: marcelsteinbach.nl for his non-commissioned work and infrafotografie.nl for commercial photos from the civil engineering and infrastructure sectors. He also publishes regular updates via Twitter and Facebook and can be found on 500pix and Flickr.

in der Nähe von Aquaduct Muiden


Tacher im Aquädukt

Composition, focus, light

"Infrafotografie.nl started out as a hobby, but has since developed into a documentary record of the motorway-widening project between Holendrecht and Almere. The site and Flickr albums receive hundreds of visitors every week. Infrafotografie.nl functions as a photo diary for IXAS and SAAone and contains all the highlights of this project – the biggest infrastructure project in the Netherlands."

Weather conditions

Evening and night photography


Never dull!



Faces of construction

Project development

Want to find out more? Take a look at infrafotografie.nl or call +31 (0)6 10 07 16 77

Customers who are already using Infra Communicatie’s photos: Aelbers personeelsdiensten, Buro Driehuis, Gebr. Van der Lee, Groen Agro Control, Johanneshove, Van Hattum & Blankevoort, Kandt, Sarens, Heijmans, IXAS, Saan, Van Werven, Voets gewapende grond constructies, Vrijbloed, Loos Betonvloeren.

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