Aquafine CSL Retrofit Kit Renew-Upgrade While in Place

What is a Retrofit Kit?

Do you have an older unit that has seen better days? Indicator Lights out? A constant drain of resources and time spent on trying to make it work? Aging electronics that have failed or could fail at any minute? Considering whether it's more cost effective to replace or to repair?

The cost of a new unit is just the beginning. Installing and replumbing can cost as much as the unit itself!

If you're thinking about replacing, you might want to consider a UV Superstore Retrofit Kit!

UV unit chambers in industrial applications are made of 316L Stainless Steel, electropolished and passivated. The life of the chamber is 2 to 3 times longer than the life of the electronics. The basis of the Retrofit Kit is keeping the raw chamber in place. No chamber or chamber installation costs are involved. Keep your existing chamber in place, already plumbed, and we'll start over from there and make everything else new and updated, including new cylinder heads.

With the chamber in place and plumbed, remove all parts, including the heads and head gaskets

This stays in place.......

We provide the following:

  • Complete new electrical enclosure with new updated components
  • New lamp heads
  • New Head Gaskets
  • New Head Bolts, Nuts, and Lock Washers in Stainless Steel
  • New Sleeves
  • New lamps
  • New O-Rings
  • New Compression Nuts
  • New Compression Nut Caps
  • New Lamp Harnesses
  • New Enclosure Fans
  • New On Off Switch
  • New Lamp Operational LEDs
  • New Run Time Meter
(Actual Parts may vary according to kit)

What are the benefits of the Retrofit Kit?

  • Less downtime since the unit stays in place
  • Less cost - kits are less than 60% of the cost of a new unit
  • Less installation cost - No re-plumbing, no re-mounting
  • Update to modern technology high output lamps with a long life coating. Fewer lamps, but more effective dosage, sometimes up to double the dosage/flow capability
  • Lower maintenance costs due to fewer lamps
  • Redesigned Heads with improved lamp spacing, for greater intensity using HO lamps
  • Simple construction and design for maintenance by on-site plant personnel

The CSL Retrofit Kit

Let' take a tour....

The Aquafine CSL Model has the electronics located in a housing underneath the chamber. Our CSL Retrofit Kit is based around a plate upon which the electronics are pre-mounted.

The Electronics Plate

Pre-built and mounted on a 1/8" aluminum tray. Mounting holes are pre-drilled with OEM footprint. All electrical connections snap on for easy installation.
Pre-built tray mounted inside the housing. Once the housing is cleared out of old components, installation can be accomplished in about 20 minutes.
Easy "snap-on" electrical connections for quick and simple parts replacement

The Display Plate

CSL Retro front panel with connections for On-Off Switch, Runtime Meter, UV Monitor, and LED Connections

The Completed Enclosure

The Finished Product -A fully retrofitted Aquafine CSL-12R. Your chamber, in place, Reworked, with modern technology High Output lamps with a long life coating.

The original CSL12R had 12 standard output lamps. At that time, there was no long life coating on the lamps and it was typical for the UV intensity to fall off by 40% in the period of a year.

Modern, High Output lamps have double the intensity of Standard Output lamps. With a long life coating, the UV intensity will fall off only about 10% in the course of a year.

UV dosage is a function of [UV intensity] X [Contact Time]. Double either the intensity or the contact time, and the dosage will double.

Since HO lamps have double the intensity, and they have 1.5 times less falloff at the end of a year, it is possible to have more than twice the dosage with half the lamps.

She looks good, but how does she run?

Here are the stats...

The unit pictured above started as an Aquafine CSL12R. It was built in 1984. The chamber is still in excellent shape. When it was built, it was rated at a dosage of 30mJ at a flow rate of 130 GPM in municipal water with a UV transmission rate of 94% at the end of lamp life (9,000 hours or one year).

Today, it has all brand new electronics and is ready for another 30 years of service with modern technology, High Output lamps. Today, we would rate this unit to provide 40mJ dosage at a flow rate of 250 GPM in municipal water with a UV transmission rate of 94% at the end of lamp life (9,000 hours or one year). If the flow rate is kept at the original flow rate of 130 GPM we would rate this unit to have a UV dosage of 80mJ

All done while still in place. Rebuilt, renewed, and better. No new plumbing or wiring needed.

"Best fix ever" - A quote from a satisfied customer

Can we build one for you?

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