HARN Art by Melissa lorquet

As I walked through the Harn, I came across this sculpture. This is an artwork of a person I believe is a monk. He is sitting with his legs crossed, and it seemed as though he is expressing hand gestures. Looking at this sculpture in person allowed me to see every detail the artist made. The most striking aspect of the sculpture is the way different details and colors pop up depending on the lighting. I felt as though this sculpture was a sign of peace. I had fun mimicking the stance the monk was in. I felt the exact same peace the monk seemed to have.
This is the most interesting design of the Harn. It seemed like an office of a CEO. It had a beautiful view of a little body of water. I wasn't sure if view was created as an art piece, or if it was natural landscape. Nevertheless, this was different compared to the rest of the designs at the Harn. This exhibit left me puzzled.
This artwork represents me. I feel as though she is a confident proud woman, draped in jewels, because she deserves it. I love promoting confidence, happiness, and feminism. I believe that women are beautiful, talented, and yet unappreciated. Seeing this artwork made me feel like women are amazing creatures, that are very loved. The wings on her back, represented freedom. Free to love, speak, and be whoever she wishes to be. This artwork taught me love.
This artwork depicts the good life theme. It shows various women, doing different things. The good life to me is being confident in being who you are, no matter how different you may seem to others. The good life is about finding yourself.

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