You Are YOu Love It

He was living the life of a highschool boy, not confident in his body image. He had a girlfriend that kept him from feeling the traits of a woman throughout their relationship, but this was not enough to keep him from feeling like a girl. He was not a normal guy, and not able to keep a normal relationship. These difficulties were made clear by him, his girlfriend and other people. The couple that tries to stay alive is Brandon and Vanessa, the main characters in the story FreakBoy. It is not fair that Brandon had to suffer, because other people aren't accepting in society. He should be able to feel comfortable in his body, and have mental peace about his feelings. He thought he was alone, so it was hard for him to be understood by others, in his mind. Towards the end of the story, Brandon can't put Venessa through his changing feelings anymore.

He should be able to feel comfortable in his body, and have mental peace about his feelings.

Brandon was living a stressful life, in a society of judgmental people, where the media plays a significant role in controlling how people feel about themselves and others. The idea of body image, how you see yourself and feel about yourself is altered by too many outside forces. Everyone should be able to feel good about themselves, but it is hard to when we are often judged by how we compare to others ? Body image can affect how your life turns out, because having a good body image can provide confidence, which could lead to a higher success rate. Because we live in a world of video and streaming, the public is easily brainwashed into distorted ideas body image and how men and women should look. Often times people don't have a positive body image. I never payed attention to this issue, until I realized that many people are affected by the issue of body image and self confidence. I always thought people knew who they were and had self awareness, but in reality, a lot of people hide how they feel and are very unhappy. This seems to be where eating disorders and other self destructive behaviors arise ? (McKelly 1).

My life experience has only supported by idea that people of all sizes and skin colors should be happy with their body image and comfortable in their skin. I never had to deal with people being unhappy about themselves, because of the support my family had with each other through a tough divorce between my parents. I never spent much time focusing on the idea of body image until now. The significance of this issue has opened my eyes to the potential damages caused by something as simple as a weak self image. If you add in the problem of bullying and ridicule, the problem has far ranging scope. In Niharika Maggo’s article, “Are Men or Women More Self-Conscious About Their Appearance?,” she talks about how in life everyone has moments of self doubt and insecurity, but these are all things that should be managed. The problem with kids is that often get stuck on these moments, and it drags them down. This is the worst thing to do: “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment” (Maggo 1). When you accept who you are, it will always lead you to having a better life, physically and emotionally. This is why the author finishes an article about men and women dealing with their body image with a strong statement about the importance of family and a strong support system.

Although I have not had much experience with the idea of body image, I know how important it is to people, and the affects it has on people of all ages and genders. In D’Arcy Lyness’s article, “Body Image and Self-esteem,” he talks about how as his kids grow up, they go through many body changes. Often these changes have a dramatic affect on self image. As children mature into adults, sometimes they get stuck on the negatives, which affects their self-esteem. Self-esteem is a big part of body image and being happy: “People with high self-esteem know themselves well. They're realistic and find friends that like and appreciate them for who they are. People with high self-esteem usually feel more in control of their lives and know their own strengths and weaknesses”(Lyness 1). It seems common, that in kids with a high self-esteem carry themselves with a higher level of confidence. This extends to having a fuller life and potentially becoming more successful. Everyone should feel good about themselves, free of the doubts generated by poor body image. This holds true for adults as well as teenagers and children.

Everyone should feel good about themselves, free of the doubts generated by poor body image.

There's a reason why men and women from all ages go through moments of low self esteem and self doubt, which creates a negative feeling on their body image. Body image comparisons have been going on since the beginning of time. Advertisers stress different trends and images of what an ideal person should look like. These trends change over the years, but they remain unhealthy. The idea of having a perfect look is distributed through the media, magazines and television. People often look at the perfect look and it tears them apart because it makes them feel bad about themselves. This and results in a loss of confidence. What they need to know is that this is all done for money, with no care for the potential damage done to people. In Erin McKelle’s article, “How does gender identity affect body image,?” she talks about how people learn to appreciate “who they are”, in order to sustain themselves in a world focused on body image. “We are told of the staggering statistics around eating disorders and told of how the media glorification of unrealistic bodies shatters self-esteem”(McKelle 1). If we don't start loving ourselves then we will continue to be affected in a negative way. With each other’s support, we will all be happier living in a more accepting society. The media should be portraying a message through images that people of all sizes and issues are equally perfect and should continue to accept who they are.


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