Sharks THe mOst MisUNderstOoD creatures

Have you ever wondered how many specials of sharks there are, or why sharks attack people. Well to day I will answer those questions. Sharks are very interesting creatures. I myself have had a personal encounter with a shark. Today I will talk about the different species of sharks and why most humans are afraid of sharks.

Shark species

Shark species charts

There are over 470 species of sharks. I will go over some of of the sharks above. These include,

  1. The Whale Shark
  2. Great White Shark
  3. Hammer Head Shark

The Whale Shark. The biggest whale shark ever found was 13 meters and 22 tons! The average is 41,000 pounds. That's huge! It is a carpet shark that filter feeds. Filter feeding is feeding by filtering plankton or nutrients in the water.

Great White Sharks are named as the deadliest sharks and are related to the Megaladon. The biggest shark ever recorded. Great whites never stop moving. They weigh 1,500-2,400 pounds. They hunt off the shores of every continent. Except Antarctica.

The hammerhead sharks. They are at most 6 meters. They are named after the structure of their head which is flattened and is shaped like a hammer. Thus the name is Hammerhead. The head is mostly used for sensory. The head expanded allows the hammerhead to have broader sensory organs. Making it able to find the food It likes.

Why People are scared of Sharks

People are afraid of sharks because of there teeth and that they attacked people. First all not all sharks attack and only 12 of the 300 or more species of sharks will attack humans. Most shark attacks occur when a human is mistaken fir natural prey. They also will attack if they feel threatened. One person or less every year dies from a shark attack. Honestly just be carful where you are and be mindful of your surroundings.

The reason I chose sharks was to prove that sharks are not dangerous. They only attack you if you attack them or if you they mistake you for a type of food. Even though sharks attack happen there is a small chance it can happen to you. Just be carful because we are invading there territory.

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