Motivation For Modifying Math Methods KAtherine Madeleine LOgan

The main problem facing students is the task of working though, and correctly solving a problem with unconventional and irrational numbers outside of the classroom.

Students often are able to comprehend the process of solving a problem while inside the classroom. Unfortunately, when the students are on their own and come to a problem that asks for a higher level of knowledge and understanding, the student, because of the lack of knowledge, is unable to perform the operation.

The lack of full understanding of how to perform an operation renders the student helpless. The student is unable to reach his or her full potential. Ideally, the student would be able to leave the classroom confident in his or her own ability to conquer and solve any given form of a mathematic problem.

Liberty University should facilitate math classes that help the student to not only understand the lessons which they have learned, but also how to apply that knowledge to a mathematical problem.

Should the methods of teaching mathematic begin implementing a more thorough lecture process, the student will leave the classroom fully enlightened as to how to perform a mathematical function.

The student will be able to compute problems on their own, without the need a professor at his or her side.

Should curriculum incorporate a deeper way of lecturing, the student will raise his or her grade point average, and will have learned the discipline that it takes to reach a goal, no matter what the subject.


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