Yoga 2

An endless grey drizzle that leaves a person cold to the bone describes 21 of the past 22 days in Eugene. Arriving freezing and damp with a moody soul, it is impossible to think an hour at ZenSpot could cure the melancholy in the psyche created from the gloom. However the moment the threshold of the steamy yoga studio is crossed, your appendages begin to defrost and dark feelings fade.

In the studio

. Owners, Dr. Kelli Harrington and Dr. Michael Bittner, moved to Eugene from New York in 2010 specifically to open up ZenSpot in the mecca of activism, arts, and holistic living. Bittner believes an hour of working up a good sweat three times a week encourages a healthier life-style. A healthy glow blooms on the patrons of ZenSpot the second they enter the studio; a delicious sweat starts to build quickly as muscles unwind in the 102 degree heat. As the group begins simple sun-salutations they are encouraged to ask for their favorite positions, a chorus of plow, crow and triangle ring through the serenity.

. As their bodies gracefully move through the postures that Bittner calls out, they let go of the days worries and focus on the now. “Zen is about experiencing fully the moment you are in, not contemplating the past or anticipating the future. Drawing on experience, education and research, ZenSpot sets out to help people of all ages affirm a positive, fit and balanced life—to empower people to be themselves,” says Bittner and Harrington.

Sweat slips elegantly from their noses while each student’s voyage to savasana peacefully ends as the class comes to a close. As they leave, the gloom of the lingering Eugene winter doesn’t have quite the impact it did previously.

Photos and story by Amanda Smith.

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Shan Anderson

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