Water Marbling Your Fingernails Keely Gaikowski

Have you ever wanted to water marble your nails. I did, so I researched and I found an easy way to do it.

You'll probably want to get your materials first. You'll want three colors of nail polish, you can use more or less but I think three colors is best. You'll also want nail polish remover, cotton swabs, a bowl, water, and tape.

First, what you'll do is fill your bowl with lukewarm water. Luke warm water would be the best also using bottled water, or filtered water, but if all you have is tap water that is fine.

Next, you wrap the tape around the edges of your cuticle. Try to cover as much skin a possible. The more carefully you wrap the tape around your finger the easier the cleanup will be. Paint your fingernail with the lightest color of the three you have chose.

Open all three nail polish bottle so you can just grab the brush out without having to unscrew the bottle. Take the first color hold it an inch and a half from water and wait for a drop of polish to fall, then do next color, and the next. Do about 8 or 9 drops. Work quickly.

Immediately after retake your toothpick or watermarbeling tool and draw a chevron pattern in the polish. Once the design is good take nail wrapped with tape and dip it the polish.

When done take of tape, but don't smudge your polish. Let the polish dry for around 20 minutes. Take cotton swabs and clean off any nail polish that may have gotten onto your finger. You can add a top coat if you want too, I always do just because I like the shininess of the top coat.

This is how you will get a nice water marbled design on your nails. The more design the better.

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