fervor by: Arcigal, De Jesus, Del Valle, Dimaiwat, Tañedo

As the Ateneo Community embarks on a new chapter with the new members of the Ateneo Senior High School, students in the Ateneo Senior High School have now been classified into their respective strands such as ABM, STEM HumSS and GA.

What is the GA strand?

The GA or General Academics strand is a strand of diversity not only in its fields or academic learning, but also in everything else. The students of the General Academic strand are most often than not seen as those without proper direction in life. They are generalized as those who do not know what profession they want to take up or those who are lazy and misguided.

Is it true? Are all GA students just ordinary, misguided and lazy people? Do these students lack passion and fervor?

Strength in unity

By Marco de Jesus

The GA strand in the Ateneo de Manila Senior High School puts premium on its rich variety of students. The GA strand has an outstanding amount of student varsities ranging from basketball, Judo, Badminton, Handball, Swimming, Debate, and the like. However, this does not become an obstacle that stops the students from becoming one.

Ateneo UAAP Juniors Basketball Team (Left) and Ateneo Prada Basketball Team (Right)

Some of the other athletes are current UAAP and varsities in their specific sports like basketball, football, taekwondo and swimming. One example of this is SJ Belangel. SJ if one of the many strong players in the Ateneo blue Eaglets team. He is also one of the few people that were part of the SEABA U-16 along with Jason Credo (11-Campion) and Dave Ildefonso (11-Chabanel).

Jason Credo (left) and Dave Ildefonso (Right)

Passion in arts

by Andre Arcigal

Aside from the talent in physical-contact sports, the GA strand also houses members of among the performing arts. An example of this is Miggy Dimaiwat (11-Favre) and Migui Aquino (11-Brebeuf) who compete and perform with the Ateneo High School's IndAK. Indak has competed and won in numerous dance competitions such as Skechers Streetdance Battle, Maximum Groovity and MYX Moves Streetdance Competition to name a few. They have performed in various events and other schools as well.

The GA Strand is also home to one the finest in the Ateneo Senior High Debate Varsity, Julia Ocoma of 11-Favre. Julia has been competing in various debate competitions both locally and internationally for the current school year.

Julia Ocoma (right)


by Matt Del Valle

The GA strand has its fair share of judgment when it comes to being looked down upon by other strands but this only results as fuel that allows the students, regardless of class or position, to do better academically and push those who are having a difficult time in order prove them wrong. Given that students have to balance their academics with other extra curricular activities, it become a challenge for most. Although this is the case, the students also see this as an opportunity to get better and prove that the GA strand is more than meets the eye.

Another example of this would be the KFD concerts and strand events that have occurred in the past few months. In these events, the GA students showed support for their fellow strandmates by supporting them throughout the process and the production itself.

11-De Brito's KFD Concert "LUNA"

According to the teachers that are assigned to the GA strand, GA is the most versatile and flexible course that may allow the student to be able to properly and freely choose what they want to take up in the college level. Once these students become seniors, they will have their own respective electives that will allow them to focus on what they want to pursue in the futur

Final words

The GA strand; diverse and unified. Talents here and there, accomplishments here and there. Much can be used to describe the General Academics Strand as well as the students who call it home. But ordinary, misguided and lazy? Maybe not.

There is passion and fervor in GA.


Editor in Chief: Miguel Dimaiwat

Writers: Marco de Jesus, Andre Arcigal and Matt Del Valle

Layout Artist: Allen Tañedo

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