My Predictions for 2020 A hopefully helpful & somewhat silly satirical waxing on predictive astrology

This year, I will be predicting things for Nostradamus. He already knows I am doing it, as he predicted that I would. Please be patient, I just haven't settled on which quatrain predicts anything about me yet. That could be predicted by some other quatrain I haven't figured out yet either. Suffice it to say, I have been lured down a familiar rabbit hole matrix, in that I am not separated from what I am writing about, and, I predict it will become more and more about me rather than Nostradamus. It's the storytelling realm of life that we all live in but have been en-cultured to forget we are continually creating our own story. Some people like Nostradamus, accepted their role and title as a Time Lord, and just ran with it. We could take a clue from him, at least about what role and title we want to take.

I will peek at his chart this year for the eclipses, to illustrate how personalizing astrological technique is perhaps more helpful than reading predictive write ups that are so generalized they numb your brain, and aren't relevant on a personal basis. So working with a chart of a person who has already died seems so perfect. It's fool proof, I can write anything I want, right?

However, the truth is, for someone like Nostradamus who still seems to live on among us through his writings, we can track in how we are still being influenced by his life. This is true for any figure in history who has left a legacy of writings or philosophies etc. He holds a unique place in our hearts whether we think he was a true visionary, a fraud, insane or just a great opportunist- his writings are still published and continually analyzed. Our process around it illustrates how we yearn for information about ourselves, our collective experience, and our future...our urge to somehow control by prediction. It's an out of body experience to say the least for me, and well, as I predict, he will remain out of his actual body but continue to live through his legacy of predictions.

I started this fun project with Nostradamus' chart at the Capricorn New Moon Cycle on December 26, 2019, the moon cycle that shifted us into our calendar year of 2020. The new moon is placed in conjunction with his Mercury and Sun in his 10th house (using a given Noon time of birth given by astrological researcher Sy Scholfield, which has a rating of "B"*)

I predict 2020 will be massively important for Nostradamus. Judging from this placement of the Capricorn New Moon conjoining his Mercury and Sun in the 10th house, he will have a strong revisiting of his writings, his style of communication and how he sourced his information. What intuitive, ecstatic, astrological, or other data driven info did he pull from? Some say he used historical events to predict the future. So simple for us to think about now, but it must have been time consuming to find that data without the internet at your fingertips.

Here is his progressed chart for the date/time of the Capricorn New Moon, just to choose that date/event as a starting point. His Sun has progressed to Gemini and is just at the MC into the 10th house.He can't help but to be in the spotlight now and further supports my predictions. With his natal moon phase in the Last Quarter, the planet Uranus will also always be important in making predictions for him, as that, along with the sign of Aquarius and any 11th house concerns, are important markers. In this progressed chart, Uranus is in Pisces, same as birth chart, but in the 7th house - presenting how much freedom is important in one to one relationships and partnerships, so I must be sure not to try to clip those wings, however the Pisces invites me to merge and be spirited away there. There is also a sextile between Uranus and Mercury (in Taurus), suggesting a wonderfully inspired way of communicating together and having something manifested. Wait, should I start channeling Nostradamus? Is THAT where this is going? I need to really look at those quatrains more!!!!

After all, the final eclipse of the year on December 14, 2020, will actually be on his birthday.

"What does it mean?" I hear the voices resonating...If nothing else, it means it is interesting to me to find patterns when I start with my intuitive hunches. It's how I like to approach astrological work at all levels. I pulled Nostradamus' chart out of a file of esoteric individuals on a whim, a hunch, an intuitive spark. As it turns out, he predicted that I would. Again, I just have to find the specific quatrain and wax intelligently about it as to how it relates to this kind of recreational past-time.

If you'd like to follow along I will be routinely posting more on social media, and on my website posts, especially on how Nostradamus will fare through various intense transits of this year. If you are interested in the deeper side of some of the research I am doing, you can join me on Patreon, as I will be sharing pre-publication information there.

intuitively yours - Mary Anna