Journey Log 9 Ryan Dixon

Dixon - Malabro

Section 37

Journey Log 9


Flexibility and Persistence

This was a pretty fun week in English in my opinion. We played some card games, worked on our projects, and I was able to give my presentation. It is because of weeks like this one that other people are jealous of my English class. It is now a weekly thing where at least one person says I'm so lucky to have a class like this. After telling one of my old friends about this class and the fact that I'm in the Clemson Jedi Academy, he became confused as to what type of school I go to. It is sad to say that this semester is coming to an end. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and have learned more than I could have hoped for.


I have always pictured flexibility as being one of the necessary traits for a college student. I must say that I was more than right. Being flexible is essential to college life, as there is so much going on everyday that you have to make time for. It is not uncommon for you to be in a group with other people or working on something with a partner, where you must be flexible to accommodate to their schedule. An example of this was something that I faced this week. I decided to work on the visual rhetorical analysis first and then work on the Minecraft technical manual second. This meant that my rhetorical analysis was due this Thursday, and that I needed to have my video done by Sunday. I had to work around my schedule to make time to finish creating the video since I had already completed the build the week before. Not only did I have to do this, but I had to make time for my presentation build. On Sunday, I received a text from my partner for the rhetorical analysis saying that they wouldn't have their video done until later that night because they were called into work. Originally, I had planned on writing my paper Sunday afternoon and I somewhat built my schedule for day and the following days around that plan. Then I realized that I needed to be flexible and change my plans around in order to have an efficient day of doing homework. I ended up finishing my presentation during the afternoon and did half of my rhetorical analysis that night. I was able to work on the rhetorical analysis the next day as well as study for my management test that I had to take on Thursday. It all worked out in the end and I am pleased with how flexible I was.


Persistence was yet another habit of mind that was prevalent in my life last week. I had a lot going on between finishing Raid 5 and 6, studying for my management exam, and working on an accounting project as well as a statistics project. I had to focus on all my work and sacrifice some fun activities over the weekend. I worked long and hard on all my assignments and in the end I would say I was successful. Staying on task can be a huge struggle for many college students (myself included). Luckily, I was able to pull through and complete everything with high quality. It was sometimes difficult powering through a few of the assignments. When I was creating my multi modal presentation build, I would spend about 2-3 hours at a time before I felt like I needed to stop. I have always had a bad habit of finding a good stopping point with something when I get in the zone. I keep telling myself that I will be on for one more minute and just finish one more thing. However, this rarely ends up happening and I keep going for a little while. This worked in my favor for this assignment as it took many hours and I eventually was able to complete it. My persistence definitely paid off at the end of this week when I could finally relax and know that I did a good job on all of my tasks.


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