Planned Parenthood Helper or Enabler

Women's Rights have became a major issue in recent years; the nation is divided through the equality of women and men. Planned Parenthood has grown to be the center of this issue, there has been great controversy as to whether government funding for the company should remain.

Through organizations like Planned Parenthood millions of lives are being benefitted from this company who helps those who can't afford the health care for themselves; funding and support should remain solid and a staple for companies like this for many years to come due to their astonishing acts of good deeds.

Planned Parenthood offers help to men as well as women; men’s sexual health care services are provided at the clinics. Planned Parenthood provides many health care services that are not abortions. The article, Men Should Care About Planned Parenthood, states "They provide sexually-transmitted disease testing, contraceptives and cancer screenings, just to name a few. These services, which men do benefit from, allow for a healthy sex life and help stop preventable diseases, especially in areas with poor sexual education."

Some citizens feel that women do not have the right to choose whether they should have an abortion; there are many circumstances where the mother must choose an abortion due to physical or psychological reasons. In the 1940’s, abortion was declared illegal in the United States, however after the court case, Roe vs Wade, illegal abortions were made legal in all states. In the article, Abortion by Kaplan, it is stated "In Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruled that abortions are legal under certain conditions. These conditions include the welfare of the woman and the viability of the fetus." Women should be allowed to choose what happens to their body, not the government.

Planned Parenthood offers help to those financially burdened. Through the company and the Affordable Care Act, millions of lives have been benefited and without it millions of lives will be damaged. The article, Defend It; Don't Defund It, states "The 'defund Planned Parenthood' strategy, however, would have catastrophic consequences on the availability of contraceptives and health care screenings at the many Planned Parenthood clinics that do not even provide abortions and rely on Medicaid or Title X dollars to serve low-income women and men." The company is offering more good causes than bad.

Critics argue that Planned Parenthood is just a taxpayer's waste for free abortions. Planned Parenthood does offer abortion services; this just so happens to be the only service that oppositions bring up as they discuss why to stop funding. Many women are showing concern for fear they will not have these services provided for them, after our most recent election of an openly pro-life president and vice president. Planned Parenthood should remain a staple for American citizens for many years to come; despite the lack of support from political figures as well as normal citizens.

Planned Parenthood needs to preserve its private and government funding. Through petitions and peaceful protests we as citizens can make a difference, the company does many impactful and positive influential deeds. Based on the company's past we should help this company that offers help to anyone in need.

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