The Oily Royals Essential Oils by Mei-Fern Chong


Hello! My name is Mei-Fern and I am artist and lover of new places. I also run a business in essential oils. My story begins with an illness in late 2015 when I was hospitalized two months back to back for severe rashes. This experience was preceded by highly stressful work and life events, and was followed with a year of resting, healing, and discovering new things about myself. None of it was easy, but in many ways, I am thankful for the season.

One of the things I discovered was using essential oils for my health, especially for emotional wellness. The year of healing was tough in many ways, and I found my emotions were very affected through it all. Over time, I began to realise that the oils I was using was helping me process and release these emotions as I worked through my own healing.

I believe health and wellness is very holistic, and constantly evolving as we grow. My own journey is still very much in progress, but my mission and dream in this area of my life right now is to see people discover the benefits of using the oils for both their physical and also emotional health.

Our emotions are very much tied to the wellness of our physical bodies. It is no understatement to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally.

The oils

When I first started using the oils, I was introduced to Young Living essential oils. I did plenty of research back then (and roped my mom in to help during the hours I had to be at the office =D) but always came back to Young Living because of the transparency of their processes. These oils have opened up a whole new world for me, giving me many extra tools to cope and process my emotions and health through my period of healing. I am forever thankful.

Due to my experiences, I use and recommend only Young Living essential oils. Why? Because I know they work and I feel safe sharing them with family and friends.

Young Living employs the Seed to Seal method for every oil they produce. Click the link below to watch a video on the Seed to Seal standard.

One of the best things I've gained with the oils is a community of friends. We walk together and we learn together.

If you have been thinking of using the oils, you will never have to journey alone. I'll personally walk you through learning how to use the oils and you will also have a huge community to support you at all times.

Purchasing Oils

If you want to start your journey with essential oils, please email me at meifern.chong (at) gmail.com

You may also purchase directly from the link below. Make sure to use my referral number #3784964 so I can contact you immediately after your purchase.

I highly recommend getting the Premium Starter Kit to begin with. It will cover everything you need from immune support, beauty, fitness, cleaning, cleansing + detox, children, hormone support, and so much more!
Remember, you will never journey alone. I'll be there to help you every step of the way.

One of the many blessings the oils can bring is an opportunity for income. What begin for me as a tool for healing, has also become an income opportunity for me. I have loved both using the oils and building a business out of it.

There is no obligation to sell the oils, ever. You may choose to just enjoy the oils without ever selling.

However, for those who are interested, there is plenty of mentorship and guidance available. I would love to speak to you more and plug you into my community!

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Mei-Fern Chong


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