Knit Simple Media Kit 2019

KNIT SIMPLE is the market's best-selling magazine for new and busy knitters looking for quick, easy and inspirational projects.

KNIT SIMPLE is the yarn retailer's magazine of choice for class ideas, basic skill-building techniques and pleasing patterns for all types of customers.

For new knitters, KNIT SIMPLE'S friendly approach makes stitchwork easy.

For the more experienced knitter without a lot of time on her hands, we offer quick ideas that make for a relaxing change of pace from more complicated patterns.

Since our premiere issue, KNIT SIMPLE has seen unprecedented growth.

  • By concentrating on what's important to knitters, KNIT SIMPLE ensures that our readers grow their love of and confidence in knitting—and keep coming back for more

KNIT SIMPLE is about the whole of knitting experience:

Yarn + Life + Fun


Knitting fits into our busy lives! Knitters have families, jobs and other commitments that don't leave them with much spare time. It's important to motivate them with ideas that simplify the process and multiply the enjoyment. KNIT SIMPLE helps readers create terrific knits for themselves, their kids and their homes, and still leave time for the rest of their lives.


Knitters love texture and color! With more yarns on the market now than ever before, KNIT SIMPLE inspires knitters to get creative in their yarn choices and discover all the options waiting for them. KNIT SIMPLE delivers information on new products and techniques in a fun, accessible format.


Knitting is creative, easy and stress reducing! Knitters love having a common bond and thrive on sharing their accomplishments and ideas. KNIT SIMPLE allows them to do exactly that by giving them new concepts and connecting them with other knitters, creating a community to which they belong.

About Our Readers

  • 53 million people are knitting today.
  • 56% of today's knitters are between the ages of 18 and 34, and in the past 3 years the 18 to 34 year-old segment alone has grown 150%.
  • More than 65% have children and jobs, so their time is limited. They want their projects easy, fast and enjoyable.
  • 30% of all women ages 18+ list crafts as their favorite pastime and get most of their ideas from magazines and books—57% say so!
  • 900+ knitting-related blogs are on the Internet, and nationwide, knitting groups number in the thousands.
  • 57% of knitters get their inspiration and reading recommendations from other knitters.
  • More than 55% of their new project ideas come from magazines and books. Targeted advertising in knitting magazines is relevant to their interests, and they read it!
Your recent issue had the very best pattern/instruction article I've even seen. The sweater offerings with the slip-stitch patterns were great, but the suggestions for varied colorways were even better...Keep up the great work. I'm so glad I have a subscription.
We put our KNIT SIMPLE stock on the counter and it sold out withing 10 days. The premiere issue offered suggestions about what a garment would look like if it was done in a different color or different weight. For the reader, this helpful, but for the yarn shop owner, it's invaluable.
The final word is excellent. We are thrilled with the new addition to our magazine subscription library!

Special Marketing Opportunities

KNIT SIMPLE offers special advertising sections designed to fit seamlessly into our editorial content. Developed and styled by our award-winning creative staff, the advertorials combine both print and online exposure for your products. Please contact our advertising staff to learn about our schedule.

Advertorials & Consumer Surveys

KNIT SIMPLE offers insights to our advertisers. We offer qualifying advertisers customized research via surveys created to help you understand your audience and anticipate their needs.

Partner with Us to Reach the World's Best Knitting Audience!

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