After Ever After Adversity

Adversity is when you go through a problem in life.

When Jeff was young he had cancer. Also, known as leukemia.
He overcame it by being around people he loves. He had his best friend Tad to help him through it. Jeff kept fighting because he wanted to beat it.
In the text Jeff says, "Steven had always been my hero. After my treatment ended, Steven was the person who kept me calm." Steven has and always will be there for Jeff.
Tad had cancer just like Jeff. He had brain cancer.
Tad overcame it by being around his family and being funny. He went through brain surgeries and radiation.
The email Jeff wrote to Steven was about Tad. Tad went through his cancer because his beau geste was Jeff

The adversities Jeff faces in 8th grade.

Jeff had to pass a standardized test, so he can pass 8th grade. Jeff's brother leaves to go to Africa. He also faces his friend dying from cancer.
Jeff overcame it by studying and being around family. He dedicated his bike a thon to Tad. He visited his grave and accepted his diploma for him.

"No, kid could get promoted unless they pass the standardized test." No one can move pass the 8th grade without passing.

Tad faces CML in 8th grade. He is always in a wheel chair. He gets passed this by exercising so he can walk. When he protested the state test, he just wanted to be remembered.

"What about your big walk across the stage?" Tad's first beau geste is to walk across the stage on graduation. "Tad was staying on the exercise bike a little longer each day." Tad wants to make the biggest beau geste of all time. He walks out on the state test.

The theme of this story is to never give up. Also, to fight for what you believe in.

"Look everyone's always assuming we can't do things. Even if nobody else thinks so, you can pass this test. You can." Tad will tutor Jeff. "I can walk across the stage at graduation." Tad and Jeff make a deal. Tad walks, Jeff passes.


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