Battle of Anizo By caroline taylor & Dan peterson

Map of Battle of Anzio

Countries Involved & Leaders

United States of America (Mark W. Clark, John P. Lucas, & Lucian K. Truscott)
United Kingdom (Harold Alexander)
Italian Social Republic
Germany (Albert Kesselring & Eberhard von Mackensen)

The Battle of Anizo took place on land, in the air, and in the water. It started off as an American and British attack against Germany along the coast. The battle continued to rage, expanding onto land and air power. The Allies (Canada, France, Britain, and America) and Italy alongside Germany battled for control of the region.

The Goal/Objective of Each Country Involved

Germany: protect their troops taken by surprise; control the region

Italy: control the region

Allies: draw German troops off the Gustav line; take over the region

Battle of Anizo Time Frame/Outcome

The battle of Anzio started on January 22, 1944 when the Allies attacked, known as Operation Shingle and ended on June 5, 1944 when the Allies launched a breakout offensive and marched victoriously into Rome.

Location of Battle

The battle of Anizo took place on the coast of Italy, and then expanded into Anizo (30 miles from Rome) ending in Rome (see map above)

Why this Battle was Significant to the Outcome of WWII

Although the battle was often criticized because of being poorly planned and executed and didn't complete its intended mission, it succeeded in holding back German forces in Italy and prevented their redeployment to Northwest Europe where the Normandy Invasion (D-Day) was occurring making it significant.

Battle of Anzio Timline

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