Better Than Thought By Hanna Kim

“Finally! You’re here! It almost took you like one hour!” All of the boys complained while chatting with others. I looked around and got curious why I couldn’t see the other girls. Before we started to come to Holiday Inn, we separated into two groups, Chaeryoung, Inseo, and Yeji riding Inseo’s mom’s car and Minsong, me and Minsong’s mom walking to Holiday Inn for the laser game. I got confused but didn’t mind and found a television which sorted out the teams and the numbers. I searched if Minsong was on my team but, she wasn’t. I was really hoping she was in our team because she had lots of experience here and I didn’t not even once. I was sure she was better that me.

“You’re not on my team. I wish you were.” I sadly complained. I knew she wasn’t in our team because the color represented who was in our team and who wasn’t. I was blue and she was yellow. While I was just slumping and looking around I saw Chaeryoung’s group coming out of the elevator. I greeted them and was also excited thinking that the game will start now. At first I wasn’t that excited until the door that lead to the starting line swung open. I carefully followed Minsong into a room which was very dark but the lights on the jacket was very helpful. There were jackets and guns with a number on top. I knew my number by that time because of the tv that I saw last time and went straight to my number and put the jacket and the gun on my back.

“Are we starting right now? Does it start right when all the people go in? Is there a score? Is it only the korean people playing? Where do we have to shoot? Who’s in my team? How would I know who and who is on my team?” I sputtered out knowing nothing.

“Whoa, whoa. Calm down. Of course not we’re going to get a jacket that shows the team color and a gun that we’re supposed shoot on the other teams jackets.” As she ended her sentence suddenly my jacket color changed. I also noticed the other people’s jacket color changed to. I didn’t get what was happening but just then noticed Minsong and I was in the same team. Minsong and I both smiled and together and was both happy that we were the same color but I was a little worried it was a mistake and the color would change back again. But luckily it didn’t. We all lined up at where the game starts and Minsong’s brother explained what we were supposed to do when it starts.

“Now, what you have to do is just shoot people that is wearing another color jacket. When you shoot a person, your score gets higher. When you get shot, your gun can’t shoot another person for five seconds. When the game starts, everybody just run to the second floor. Okay?” I listened carefully and remembered. It just sounded like a really easy game.

As I looked down I saw a little screen saying ‘Ready, set go!!!’. We all pushed everybody and ran up to the stairs. I was getting so excited as i stepped at the second floor. I carefully tried shooting a wall and then it did nothing. There was just a red light on the wall and quickly disappearing. I was shooting all around the second floor and accidently shot Jisung because it was dark with made mist. He seemed he didn’t notice so I quickly turned my head away. I started shooting people on the first floor but I couldn’t really see people. It seemed I didn’t match even one person.

“Can’t we go downstairs? Why does it have to be the second floor?” I asked people. The first floor looked so much more fun. It had a maze didn’t look a little bit hard at all. I really wanted to go downstairs but more I didn’t want to be by myself.

I sighed and kept on shooting until somebody shouted, “Red color jackets! Everybody gather around!!” I was excited about having to shoot a person for real with that person seeing me. I hurried to where the noise came from and saw one person wearing a red jacket hurrying downstairs. I just randomly started shooting that person and miraclely shot that person.

I got really proud of myself and was enjoying it until a speaker shouted, “Game Over. Game Over.” I hurried to the door. This was way more fun than I thought it would be. The second game started quickly. This time we all played at the first floor. I liked the first floor because there was lots of space and lots of corners where you can hide. I first ran to the corner and quickly looked around to see people. It was really different with the second floor. There were people everywhere. I started shooting everywhere and then my little screen on the jacket was keep on saying, ‘Hooray! You shot __!’ I was keep on shooting people when I realized my gun didn’t work.

I looked down and my screen said ‘Shot by JN.’ It was kind of annoying waiting 5 seconds. It actually felt like one minute. I got shot by more people than shooting other people. Even though I sticked to the corner, I still got shot by lots of people when I turn around, there would be nobody. Well sometimes I would notice people jumping around. I realized it would be better to shoot people from a big distance. I shot people through the windows. That was much easier but if people came near me and I wanted to shoot them they already shot me and I couldn’t use the gun. It already became the end of the second game and again, my little screen on the jacket said game over and also the speaker said game over. We again rushed out and I saw the television outside of the game area. Before I noticed my place I noticed that Jisung was in third place. Then I noticed I was again almost last place but got higher and right under Minsong. I got really proud of myself again. I would never forget today’s experience.


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