Discrimination towards those who have disabilities By: sean obrian

Those that suffer with disabilities ranging from hearing issues to those with Downs Syndrome are often discriminated against in our society. People with disabilities are less likely to have jobs even those with minor disabilities. Those with more severe disabilities are often left to their families to care for them. The rate of unemployment for people with disabilities is too high. This violates article 23 in the universal declaration of human rights for several reasons. The article states that everyone has the right to work, the freedom to choose employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment which many businesses around the US are not obeying. ( http://www.un.org/en/universal-declaration-human-rights/ ) For example, in 2010 people suffering from disabilities had a 38% less chance of getting employed than those who were not disabled. Also, in 1991 the employment rate of someone suffering from a disability was 34% less than someone who was not experiencing a disability.

An organization by the name of the Employment Development Department (EDD) is a group out of California that is dedicated to finding those suffering from a disability a job, and a job that will help the disabled grow their relationships and friendships within society. The EDD holds two federally-funded programs designed to enhance employment opportunities for people with disabilities. This organization opens up the minds of those who are rejecting people with disabilities in our society. This also gives another option for those looking to hire qualified employees. However, with the positives of this organization comes negatives. One major problem with this organization is that they cannot assure every human suffering from disabilities a job that will suite them well.

In order to resolve this discouraging issue, our country must change the mind-set that most people with disabilities are capable of contributing to society and holding a job. We can help by helping individuals with disabilities find a path into the working class. Public and private entities can work together to provide incentives to assist theses people. Lastly, success through cooperation will have a substantial impact on the lives of the disabled and give those entities assisting them a great sense of accomplishment in providing help.

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