CHAPTER 2 by Emma Hanck


This picture was taken on the walk through Tait street during class. I saw the blue car and knew it was a perfect photo opportunity. I worked with the rule of thirds, allowing the house to be on the right third, and the car being on the bottom third to add a sense of unity. On Lightroom I changed the lighting to make the house darker and the car more vibrant. Then, using photoshop I added a picture of Ben in the window, and lowered the opacity to add to the "spooky" effect. Using (Link) I added cobwebs and spiders, and using (Link) I added the cracks in the house and car, and the red stains at the front of the car.


With this picture was taken on Tait Street. I saw the dogs, and knew it would be a perfect opportunity I loved how the dogs looked so happy in this picture, and used this photo even though others had better lighting. In photoshop I made the dogs more vibrant, while lowering the saturation on the background. Using a burn layer I made the cars in the background darker, and the dog's legs brighter. Doing this added the extra texture in the dog's fur.


The first picture was taken by Kalle Gustafsson. He takes many pictures and videos involving portraits, dealing with black and white photographs the majority of the time. Trying to copy his style was very difficult, because getting close to the horses at a horse race is very difficult. The camera had to be very zoomed in, and that is what caused it to be low quality.


This picture was taken at a friend's birthday. It was one of my favorite days of this year. This picture is not "Fine Art", but it makes me smile every time I see it.

This picture was taken on the beach, and I spent twenty minutes trying to take the perfect picture of the sunset. It was a thought out process, which ended up with this picture. It does not have as much meaning as the first photograph, but I would classify it as "Fine Art".

My favorite photograph is the one with the jar in the soda machine. It was such a random place to place it, and the contrast between the black machine and the white reflecting on the jar made the photo perfectly balanced.

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