August News from Bread and Water for Africa® Water for Abomvomba village, Moye's life saved, and more!

This month we have big news to announce! All thanks to the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa® a borehole was drilled this summer providing water for the 650 residents of the village of Abomvomba, Cameroon. In Sierra Leone, a clinic in Bunumbu supported by Bread and Water for Africa® transformed a 62-year-old man on death’s door to “happily rejoicing.” And in Kenya, our Executive Director Beth Tessema, has just developed a new partnership in Kibera, the continent’s biggest slum to – with your help – feed 100 schoolchildren for the next year.

Borehole for Abomvomba Village, Cameroon: “Objective Achieved”

Abomvomba is a small village of about 650 residents about 22 miles from the much larger city of Ebolowa in Cameroon, places it’s likely very few Americans have ever heard of.

Recently at Bread and Water for Africa® we first heard of Abomvomba from our partner in the country, Hope Services, about the great need for water for the people there.

“So, it is essentially a poor population,” says Esther Ndichafah, CEO of Hope Services. “That is why Hope Services has been involved with this community through medical missions, community education and development programs since 2017.”

Today, thanks to our supporters, we are pleased to report that the 60-meter deep borehole has been drilled saving the roughly 650 children, youth, women and men of the village from the drudgery of fetching water from an unsafe source.

As Esther reported upon its completion, “It is an absolute necessity. The community had no clean source of water to rely on except having to travel 2 kilometers (1.6 miles).

“Basic drinking water was a luxury for them.”

That former “luxury” is now a daily way of life, but it is in no way being taken for granted because it will be a long time before the residents of Abomvomba forget the “bad old days” without water in their village.

In addition, Esther pointed out that the new borehole has been a boon for the residents of the nearby village where Abomvomba residents previously had to go to get water.

“The neighboring community has more use and ease over their own borehole which was formerly crowded at times by villagers from Abomvomba.

“Operation achieved!”

Moye: From Death’s Door to ‘Happily Rejoicing’

Moye had been living a happy life in the small Sierra Leonean village of Kojowolo before the deadly Ebola outbreak of 2014 tragically took the lives of his wife and their two children, leaving the 62-widower all alone in the empty house.

He managed to carry on his life without his family until one day earlier this year when he suffered from an acute respiratory tract infection.

After a few days, his condition worsened. Moye knew he needed medical attention, but he continued to suppress his pain because he had no money to pay for treatment.

“Fortunately for him, some of his friends visited him and told him about the Faith Healing Development Organization (FHDO) El Shaddai Clinic in the larger nearby village of Bunumbu and encouraged him to seek medical assistance,” explained FHDO founder and director Rev. Francis Mambu, a long-time partner of Bread and Water for Africa®.

“Moye was transported to the clinic via ‘hamoc’ (a local swing for carrying sick people) as he was unable to walk the seven miles to clinic on his own and the road to Kojowolo is not motorable,” said Rev. Mambu.

“On arrival at the clinic, he was administered antibiotics provided to FHDO by Bread and Water for Africa. After six days in the clinic, Moye recovered fully and was able to walk unaided,” added Rev. Mambu. “The head of the clinic subsequently discharged him and he happily went home rejoicing.”

As for Moye himself, he had a few words of gratitude to the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa® for preventing what would have been certain death.

“I am now feeling perfectly well with no more difficulty in breathing. Thanks to the FHDO clinic and the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa® for saving my life.”

New Partnership for Bread and Water for Africa® in Continent’s Biggest Slum

This month, Bread and Water for Africa® executive director Beth Tessema is spending several weeks in East Africa, developing new partnerships in order to enable us to provide assistance to more and more Africans, particularly children.

In Nairobi, Kenya, Beth toured the infamous Kibera slum, the largest slum in Africa and among the largest the slums in the world, home to an estimated 250,000 impoverished people, the majority of them children.

It is there that we now have a new partner, the Seed Foundation, with the mission of transforming the lives of these vulnerable children living in squalor by providing them with access to a good education, while ensuring they also get fed during the school day.

“Most parents send their children to school because of the feeding program,” explained Beth. “Yes, in the short term the children are fed, but in the mid-term and long-term they get an education that will enable them to reach their full potential leading towards a better life than in the slum.”

Through our newly-established partnership with the Seed Foundation, we are working to raise $7,200 to provide meals to 100 children for an entire year – that amounts to just $72 per child per year.

For us at Bread and Water for Africa® that is what we have been all about for more than 20 years – addressing a child’s immediate needs including food and shelter, while at the same time giving them the opportunity for a brighter future, and in this case a life out of the slum.

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