Welcome back to a fantastic dining experience for pupils in schools!

Welcome back to the Autumn term in Twelve15 kitchens, this Autumn things are a bit different; we have been working closely with all of our schools to develop a range of offers that meet the latest Government guidance and take into account the measures required to provide a healthy, nutritious, safe school lunch for your child. School lunch is an important part of your child's day providing an opportunity to eat with their friends whilst enjoying great tasting food, prepared and delivered safely. To find out more about the individual offer in your child's school, please see your school's website. These menus may be subject to change to reflect the latest Government guidelines.

At Twelve15 kitchens we fuse healthy and balanced nutrition with friendly dining. Providing safe access to quality food, our team of experts ensure that statutory standards and nutritional guidelines are met and make lunch time fun.


As schools remained open in these unprecedented times, team Twelve15 really stepped up to ensure that the children of key workers and those most vulnerable in our communities were well fed each day including school holidays. Our teams worked really hard during this difficult time to make lunch time as fun for these children as possible, including celebrating birthdays and special occasions such as VE-Day. Massive respect to the incredibly positive attitude of the teams.

Over the course of lock-down we provided an amazing 13,000 Booster packs to those students entitled to a free school meal who were not in school over the lock-down period. We had a team of people throughout 4 hub kitchens who packed and distributed the packs to schools across Surrey, supporting Surrey's communities.

We handled hundreds of queries via our website from schools, parents and carers.

We put our obsolete uniforms to good use by donating them to organisations that transformed them into scrubs and face masks.

Now we are ready to take up the challenge of feeding all returning students from September. Read on for full details.


At lunchtime we provide a nutritionally balanced two course (main course & dessert) menu including a vegetarian offer which represents outstanding value.

Food offers for this Autumn also include hot & cold takeaway options so that pupils can dine in a variety of different settings outside the dining room, giving schools total flexibility to meet the identified measures to keep everyone safe.

We put the health and safety of the whole school community at the centre of everything we do.

We remove the hassle from you by preparing delicious, safe, nutritious lunches every day. This is how we feed our growing up generation to become our successful and healthy future.


With our innovative passion for good food, our 70 years’ experience in the food industry and our exceptional British supply chain, we are the most trusted and leading provider of food in schools in Surrey, removing the hassle for you as we provide exceptional and safe nutrition for your child.

We pride ourselves on the safety of our organisation and have rigorous policies, processes and procedures that meet the internationally recognised ISO9001 Quality Management System. This accreditation gives you peace of mind that we offer a consistent and reliable service and we strive to continuously review and develop our service to provide great meals every day.

What's on the menu?

Great tasty food! See more at: www.itstwelve15.co.uk/menu


"Ever since Karen joined our kitchen back in September, she has just been fantastic to work with. She is solution focused and professional, nothing is too much trouble for her and she has built up a great relationship with our staff team on site. Not to mention the quality of the catering - superb! None of this has changed since the school officially closed on 20th March, in fact I would say it appears Karen is working even harder (if that's possible?!) She has worked tirelessly with us to sort the weekly food hampers and cater for our FSM children. She's often here early in the morning before any of the staff team have arrived, is always smiling and is great fun to be around. Karen and I chat frequently, even more so as the lockdown has gone on and different requirements have been asked of us. And somehow she has managed to take the stress completely out of the catering situation for us! I thoroughly enjoy working with her - she is absolutely one of our Manorcroft staff team and I wouldn't be without her." - Ann Wheeler, Headteacher

"At Earlswood, we are passionate about providing all our pupils with the best nutritious and filling lunch possible - especially our vulnerable children. Twelve 15 offer a great variety of delicious, nutritious lunches - which includes a very popular salad bar and fresh bread each day. All our children with special dietary requirements are catered for and the Twelve 15 staff know all the children individually - even in a large school like our own. The food is great value at £2.40 and is popular with both the adults and children alike. I would not hesitate to recommend them." - Mr Matt Nott, Deputy Head Teacher of The Federation of Earlswood schools.


In line with food trends, we have taken a fresh new look at our menu to bring the flavours and gastro culture to the plate from six countries. We have much beloved home favourites from different parts of the UK together with exciting Italian, Moroccan, Indian, Mexican and Japanese Dishes to let children explore a part of the gastronomic culture of our world.

We make desserts consciously, reducing refined sugar and adding fresh fruit.

Our bread, desserts and pizza are not only tasty but are made using top quality, healthy Golden Wholegrain flour from Marriages’ Millers who have been milling since Victorian Times.

ALL inclusive

Special diets and religious diets are something that we excel at too. We offer Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soya Free, Egg Free, Allergen Aware and a Vegan menu. Get all the details on key allergens, carbohydrates and sugar levels in our dishes on our website. https://itstwelve15.co.uk/allergies/

To book please fill out a Special Diet Form available from the school office or in your school starter pack.


Recent events have affected many household incomes, so more families may be entitled to Free School Meals. School meals are completely free for pupils in Reception, Years 1&2. For pupils in Year 3 and above, if eligible, apply today, your child could be eating a free school lunch within days. Apply directly to the school. For more information, please visit: https://www.gov.uk/apply-free-school-meals


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