Digital Skills Challenge Adobe & Langley Park School for Girls

Welcome to the Adobe and Generic School Creative Digital Skills Challenge for students

We'll introduce you to some of the powerful creative tools available with Adobe Creative Cloud and set you some creative challenges to develop your digital skills.

Get Started - Simple Creative Challenge

Let's start with a simple creative challenge you can complete on your mobile, tablet or computer:

All About Me

This digital project should take less than an hour and is based on creating a digital collage all about you! You will need a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer and Adobe Spark Post.

Get Started with Adobe Creative Cloud Apps

Now you've completed the All About Me challenge, using Adobe Spark Post, you're ready to get started with some of the other Adobe apps available with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Your school offers all students access to Adobe Creative Cloud both in school and from home. Adobe Creative Cloud includes many apps which will help you create graphics, video, animation and all kinds of digital projects. Follow these instructions to get access:

  • Click here: https://www.adobe.com/ and sign in (top right) with your school email address and password. If you have forgotten your password ask your teacher.
  • We recommend you only download the apps you want to experiment with but feel free to try them all out.


Challenge 1: Fake News Factory

In Fake News Factory, you’ll get creative with Adobe Photoshop by inserting something modern into a photograph of something old, creating a piece of historical anachronism. Have you ever wondered what the Sphinx of Giza would look like wearing a party hat? Or what if you inserted yourself into the moon landing wearing flip flops and shades?

With Adobe Photoshop, you can create almost any image you want - the only limit is your imagination. This quick and easy project is the first step to developing the skills you’ll need to take Photoshop to the next level.


Challenge 2: Iconic Stories

Using Adobe Spark Post or Adobe Illustrator, complete the four-icon challenge and tell a well-known story with just 4 icons.


Challenge 3: The GIF That Keeps on Giving

Using Adobe Premiere Pro, create a GIF from a piece of footage that transformatively changes the tone of the visuals.


Challenge 4: Cosmic Travels

Using Adobe Character Animator, use motion capture, record and edit to create your own Cosmic Travel video.


Challenge 5: Green Screen Magic

Using Adobe After Effects, create a simple green screen effect with the assets provided.


Created with images by barnabasvormwald - "foggy mist forest" • Bokskapet - "clipper movie picture"