RiseUp4SDGs Village Chak Hakim, City-Phagwara, india

PROJECT OVERVIEW: The aim of RiseUp4SDGs is to involve the local community in creating safe, inclusive and accessible, green and public spaces. This project will take place in 65 neighborhood villages, and five will participate in the first year during the pilot phase. The affiliated school, Kamla Nehru Public School, has initiated an open-ended International Online Project “The Friendly AI.” As of today, there are 2100+ students from 119 Schools and 29 countries participating. The purpose of the project is to accelerate SDG 11, Target 11.7. Students using AI will research and design green public spaces, particularly for women and children, the elderly and persons with disabilities in the context of their own neighborhoods.

CATEGORY: Education SETTING: Urban STATUS: On-going

BY: Kamla Nehru Public School

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: People and organizations engaged with RiseUp4SDGs Project are: Phagwara Environment Association - Local NGO, located in Phagwara Punjab; Class Teacher and Parent SDG Ambassadors; Students SDG Ambassadors who have already taken the oath as an SDGs Partner. The SDG student ambassador would be connected to the Village Local Governing Body.

PARTNERS: Education: SDG Partner Students and The Class Teacher.

Professional: The Village Governing Council known as “The Village Panchayat”, Forest Department and the Block Development officers.

Environmental organization: Phagwara Environment Association, a local NGO and global school network and web community for sustainable development, established in 2000 in Finland to address Target 11.7.