Speech Therapist To help people recovering from Brain injuries and toddlers learn to speak properly

Apps used for speech therapy

The Phona Ltd Company is a company that creates apps that are used to help people learn and regain the ability to pronounce words.

The reason I choose this pain point is because my mother suffered from a life changing injury, brain damage, and she would go to speech therapy because she wasn't able to talk very well. I found it fascinating to watch the speech therapist work with the people that suffer from the same thing as my mom. They use apps on iPads to help their patients, some of the apps are touch based so it is kind of a brain game it will ask you a question that is challenging and you click on the right answer. The other games are sound based so it will tell you so say something then it will use the microphone on the iPad to listen to what you are saying.

Technology isn't always used for speech therapy

Speech therapist is used to help people with Speech Disorders. A speech disorder refers to problem pronouncing words.

Speech therapy, for kids, is used to help the children with disorders like Dyslexia. It also helps with people that suffer from Dyspraxia. Dyspraxia is another word for apraxia, which is the inability to preform particular actions as a result of Brain Damage.

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